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February 24, 2021

Entrepreneur Launches Newest Black-Owned Luxury Handbag and Accessories Brand

Eva Moore, founder of FU Lifestyle bags

FÜ Lifestyle is the newest Black woman-owned accessories brand designed by fashion designer Eva Moore for modern progressives. With its debossed FÜ logo print, the brand’s Lifestyle bag is a bold statement for the fashion-forward and progressive-thinking alike.

December 3, 2020

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s New Fashion Nova Line Made $1.2M in 24 Hours

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion has teamed up with online clothing store Fashion Nova to design and create a body-inclusive fashion line. Within the first 24 hours of going live, the new fashion line generated $1.2 million in sales!

November 30, 2020

Shaq Has Sold Over 150 Million Pairs of Affordable Kid's Shoes at Walmart

Shaq O'Neal in Walmart with shoes

Former NBA star, Shaquille O’Neal, knows a lot about basketball, but he's also showing the world that he knows a thing or two about athletic footwear. He has proven his success by selling millions and millions of pairs of affordable shoes for kids at Walmart.

November 23, 2020

Meet the 5 and 8-Year Old Brothers Selling Bowties to Raise Money For Children in Need

Treandos and Noah Thornton, founders of T&N Bow Ties and Apparel

Noah and Treandos Thornton, who are only 5 and 8-years old, are already CEOs of their own company called T&N Bow Ties and Apparel. The Thornton family sells their bowties to raise money to buy foods and toys for children in need.

October 30, 2020

The Black Directory Spotlights 4 Black-Owned Businesses Forging Ahead Despite Pandemic

Founders of Symphony Chips

At a time when nearly half of the nation’s Black owned businesses have shut their doors due to the economic setback caused by the pandemic, The Black Directory is proud to showcase four Black-owned businesses within its vast membership program that are standing strong and forging ahead through such times. These businesses include Symphony Chips, Pedilicious, Diva By Cindy and Bamenda Coffee. Like the many 100,000 Black businesses within the Black Directory, the doors to these four companies are wide open for business.

September 1, 2020

Black Entrepreneur Launches Trendy Online Fashion Boutique For Women Who Love to Make a Statement

Abigail Santiago, founder of McKenley Rae

Meet Abigail Santiago, a proud Afro-Caribbean woman who is the founder and CEO of McKenley Rae - an online boutique that offers unique and fashionable clothing at affordable prices.

August 31, 2020

Black-Owned Line of Bulletproof Vests For Adults and Children Sees 400% Increase in Sales

Thyk Sknn bulletproof vests

Thyk Skynn, a Black-owned line of fashionable bulletproof vests for men, women, and children, has seen a nearly 400 percent increase in sales over the past few weeks as Americans continue to grow concerned about their protection from police shootings and other random acts of violence.

August 28, 2020

Hand-Crafted African Print Accessories Blend Culture With Fashion and Safety

Blasian Collections is the newest line of apparel that celebrates Black culture while also keeping its customers safe during the pandemic. Launched in 2020 by fashion designer Jasmine Lee, her trendy Ankara-print accessories include washable face masks for men and women with matching neckties, headbands, and head wraps.

August 26, 2020

Black Designer of Custom Wedding Dresses Meets Rising Client Demand for Virtual Fittings in Response to Pandemic

Dafra Sanou, founder and CEO of JoSaBi Mariées

Dafra Sanou, founder and CEO of JoSaBi Mariées, a Black-owned and operated custom wedding dress studio, is defying industry norms with custom designs, remote fittings, and faster turn-around times for brides preparing for their big day.

August 18, 2020

Atlanta Teen Used COVID Grant to Launch T-Shirt Business and Scholarship Fund in Honor of Slain Aunt

Mikaela Sydney Smith, founder of Brown Girl Magic

Mikaela Sydney Smith, 16, is no stranger to being the change she wants to see in the world. At age 12, she started collecting socks from friends and family to distribute to shelters during the wintertime for kids in need. By age 13, she started and with the help of her mom, she planned and executed the Brown Girl Magic empowerment conference in Atlanta and drew in hundreds of young entrepreneurs like herself to share their stories of success and self-esteem.

August 14, 2020

Founder of Black-Owned Boutique Set to Disrupt Online Shoe Industry

Shannon Ashmore-McMath, founder of Low Heel No Heel

Low Heel No Heel is a Black woman-owned online shoe boutique that specializes in offering women’s shoes that are affordable, comfortable, and heels that are under 4 inches tall. Shannon Ashmore-McMath, founder and owner of the company, says that she wants to provide women with stylish shoes that can be worn for many occasions - work, school, or a night out on the town.

August 8, 2020

Founder of College Care Club Launches ‘The People’s Box’ Powered by Black-Owned Businesses

Kamry Selley, founder of a Black-owned subscription-based care kit provider called College Care Club

Kamry Selley, the female founder of a subscription-based care kit provider called College Care Club, has announced the launch of her company's individual box called The People’s Box featuring items from Black-owned businesses.

August 6, 2020

Meet the Founder of the First International African Market in Clarksville, Tennessee

Adolph Dagan, founder of the first international African market in Clarksville, Tennessee

Adolph Dagan and his wife Kafui wanted to open up an international market after his military career in 2009. Dagan, as he is called by his fellow veterans, hails from Daganhoé in Togo, West Africa, a name that means Dagantown. Dagan African Market celebrated its first year in operation on July 20, 2020, the day of his birth.

August 5, 2020

Black CPA Launches Financially Inspired Products to Promote Financial Literacy in the Community

Tiffany Vaughn, CPA and founder of Cents Savvy

Meet Tiffany Vaughn, a CPA and the founder of Cents Savvy - a newly relaunched website that offers articles, videos, and daily expert tips for clients and readers that are focused on building personal wealth at all stages of life and income levels in the African American community. The site is also home to The Savvy Shop -- an online store with a suite of products and services pertaining to personal finance including debt and budgeting guides, financial planners, branded merchandise, and personalized consultations directly with Tiffany herself.

July 16, 2020

Black Woman Athlete Makes History, Becomes the First to Own a Sneaker Company

Santia Deck, founder of TRONUS sneakers

Santia Deck, founder of TRONUS, has become the first female athlete to own a sneaker company. She also made history earlier this year when she signed a multi-million dollar deal to play in the forthcoming Women's Football League Association (WFLA).

July 10, 2020

Meet the Founder of the Black-Owned Watch and Fashion Accessories Brand, NCMPRBL

Mario McCoy, founded the NCMPRBL Black-owned watch brand

Black-owned brand NCMPRBL (pronounced N-Com-Par-Bull) is a watch and fashion accessories brand providing timepieces and fashion accessories that are designed with excellence and inspired by experience. Established in 2019, the brand’s goal is to advance the way you think about Black culture by providing quality nostalgic inspired style at a competitive price.

June 29, 2020

Black-Owned Apparel Line Uses Art as a Form of Storytelling

Mardea, Black-owned art apparel line

A lifelong artist turned entrepreneur that goes by the name of Mardea is using her art as a form of storytelling. She has recently returned to art from the study of science to launch her own brand of apparel. Her online store launched less than two weeks ago with a slice of pop culture art that does not overturn the ancient stones.

June 25, 2020

Top 7 Black-Owned Swimwear/ Bikini Brands to Support This Summer

Women models wearing Black-owned swimwear brands

Not all swimsuits are the same, just as not all bodies are alike. Buying a bikini is like buying a pair of jeans. There are so many brands and styles on the market, and no two fit alike. These top 7 swimwear brands are Black-owned, and they are designed to fit any woman from a small, athletic body to a full-figure woman with lots of curves.

How the First Black-Owned Inspirational Eyewear Company is Changing the World

Isiah Fowler, founder of SWAV Eyewear

Entrepreneur Isiah Fowler is building his vision of spreading empowerment through SWAV Eyewear - the world’s first Black-owned inspirational eyewear company that offers high-quality, eco-friendly sunglasses hand-crafted in Greece. Each pair has an inspirational quote engraved on the inside of the temples as a reminder to never give up on the vision.

June 17, 2020

Meet the Woman Designer Behind This Italian-Made, Black-Owned Shoe Brand

Founder of Lula By Lula B shoes

Meet Lula Bownes, the founder and CEO of Lula By Lula B, a Black-owned shoe brand that is globally recognized for combining the handcrafting tradition of master Italian craftsmanship with fashionable modern styles. Lula masterfully custom designs every shoe for her clients, and then gets them manufactured in Italy.