Meet the Woman Designer Behind This Italian-Made, Black-Owned Shoe Brand

Founder of Lula By Lula B shoes

Meet Lula Bownes, the founder and CEO of Lula By Lula B, a Black-owned shoe brand that is globally recognized for combining the handcrafting tradition of master Italian craftsmanship with fashionable modern styles. Lula masterfully custom designs every shoe for her clients, and then gets them manufactured in Italy.
Utilizing rich, vibrant colors and amazing design features, each of the items offered by Lula by Lula B is a work of art. Unique design elements such as strappy leather wedge pumps are the best choice when you want to be noticed. The overlapped bold strap outlines the shape of the shoe and creates the visual effect of a tall, delicate silhouette.

Exclusively available online, her high-quality shoes can be ordered via her user-friendly web site and are shipped directly to the customer from Italy. With streamlined categorization and beautiful imagery, the site allows both men and women of all ages to easily navigate to the styles they desire and purchase their desired shoes.

To cap it all, the shoe is packaged with custom and top-quality collector’s edition packaging featuring amazing print quality, handsome Italian construction, and a solid magnetic clip.

Here's what some of her customers are saying:

“The stitching and material used to create these magnificent shoes are amazing.” -- Hassan Yates

“I cannot get over the quality of each shoe, it is unimaginable. It is precise, well put together and very crisp.” -- Patricia Pereira.

To browse their online catalog and/or to place an order, visit

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