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July 6, 2016

Shaq's Affordable Shoes For Kids Have Sold Over 120 Million Pairs at Walmart

Shaq's shoes at Wal-mart

Former NBA basketball star, Shaquille O’Neal, knows a lot about playing the game. Now he's also showing others that he knows a thing or two about athletic footwear. And he has proven it by selling millions of pairs of affordable shoes for kids at Walmart.
He recently posted on his Facebook account: "Laugh all you want, the Shaq brand has sold over 120 millions pairs of affordable shoes for kids @Walmart"

Budget-friendly shoes still add up to big profits

Shaq's line of footwear is attracting a different market niche than the Michael Jordan Nike-Air Jordan lines, which sell for around $200. Shaq is focusing on selling footwear that is affordable -- as little as $12.70, or $67.99 for his Reebok Shaq Attaq line. All of them are priced much lower than the Jordan line, offering budget-friendly shoe options for kids.

This isn't Shaq's first time at the rodeo, or should we say basketball game. In 2004, he partnered with Payless ShoeSource to sell his Dunkman athletic sneakers for under $40. His new line includes his Shaq Zip-Up Basketball and Shaq Retro High-Top models which are sold online and in-store at Walmart locations across the country.

If the shoe fits...

Although some critics are not as enthused about Shaq's new line of budget-friendly footwear, the 7-foot former NBA basketball star who boasts winning championship titles with the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat is not at all deterred. He has shown that not only can he play basketball, but he has a head for business. So, if the shoe fits, wear it!