Meet the 5 and 8-Year Old Brothers Selling Bowties to Raise Money For Children in Need

Treandos and Noah Thornton, founders of T&N Bow Ties and Apparel

Noah and Treandos Thornton, who are only 5 and 8-years old, are already CEOs of their own company called T&N Bow Ties and Apparel. The Thornton family sells their bowties to raise money to buy foods and toys for children in need."I wanted to help the children out there because I didn't want to see any of that happen to the children," Treandos told WSB-TV.

His inspiration for selling bowties is his father, who is a comedian, after seeing him tie bowties before doing shows. He then wanted to inspire other children, too, when he started the company in 2017. He said, "I want children to believe in themselves."

Moreover, the brothers have been asked by organizations based in different states to speak about being a 'kid-preneur' and to demonstrate tying bowties virtually. Their mother, Shana Thornton, is proud of them both, saying, "These are things that the boys try to platform even at their tender age of five and eight years old."

Meanwhile, UPS has been helping the Thorntons through its 'Wishes Delivered' initiative and sent them a truck full of donations. Their courier drivers in Atlanta also wore bowties to celebrate the two young boys.

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