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July 10, 2020

Meet the Founder of the Black-Owned Watch and Fashion Accessories Brand, NCMPRBL

Mario McCoy, founded the NCMPRBL Black-owned watch brand

Black-owned brand NCMPRBL (pronounced N-Com-Par-Bull) is a watch and fashion accessories brand providing timepieces and fashion accessories that are designed with excellence and inspired by experience. Established in 2019, the brand’s goal is to advance the way you think about Black culture by providing quality nostalgic inspired style at a competitive price.
Founder and CEO, Mario McCoy, founded the NCMPRBL brand via using a lifelong passion to solve a glaring problem of the lack of racial diversity and creative meaning behind product within the watch and fashion accessories sector. “I took the love I had for watches as a young boy and turned that into a business. Now I get the chance to share my passion and inspirations, across the globe with our community that resonates our products,” says McCoy. “One of our best sellers has been, Prolific 42 which is inspired by the first African American Baseball player, Jackie Robinson and the late Grammy award-winning rapper and philanthropist, Nipsey Hustle.”

NCMPRBL’s core values are Focus, Authenticity, Value and Experience. McCoy states, “Incorporating these values in our culture is vital in order to encourage worldwide growth. As a brand, we know that our core values take a high precedence along with our catalog of styles. It is critical to place a high level of focus in being authentic in our design, our products, and communication with our community, providing value and an incomparable customer experience, creates long-standing relationships with our growing community, encouraging engagement and brand loyalty.”

McCoy, a recent graduate of University of Southern California earned his Doctorate in Education in May 2020 and will soon launch the nonprofit Legacies Live Foundation. Legacies Live Forever is founded on the belief to Create Over Conform and will introduce its inaugural scholarship fund in 2021 for underrepresented and minority youth who aspire to utilize their education to become entrepreneurs.

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