Black Designer of Custom Wedding Dresses Meets Rising Client Demand for Virtual Fittings in Response to Pandemic

Dafra Sanou, founder and CEO of JoSaBi Mariées

Dafra Sanou, founder and CEO of JoSaBi Mariées, a Black-owned and operated custom wedding dress studio, is defying industry norms with custom designs, remote fittings, and faster turn-around times for brides preparing for their big day.
With many brides-to-be struggling to plan all aspects of their weddings in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, one online wedding dress designer is easing many fears and streamlining the process when it comes to wedding dress shopping.

JoSaBi Mariées is a virtual design studio offering ‘bespoke wedding dresses’ for clients all over the world, having already served brides on three continents. With custom tailoring and 1-on-1 designs, the company’s streamlined process allows brides to bring their own vision of the perfect wedding dress to life. The dress will arrive in an average of 20 weeks after the order is placed -- far exceeding the typical 6 months’ wait from other custom wedding dressmakers.

Dafra initially decided to launch the company back in 2015, after experiencing first hand the obvious deficiencies in the bridal dress market. Being 5’11”, curvy (hence not fitting any sample sizes), and having her own idea of the perfect dress that just wasn’t available anywhere, she ended up trying on over 50 dresses (with prices ranging up to $5,000) before choosing to design her own wedding dress.

She comments, “In starting JoSaBi Mariées, I wanted to offer a streamlined service that wasn’t available to me when I was shopping for my own wedding dress. Planning a wedding is already stressful enough; our goal is to provide every woman with the wedding dress they’ve always envisioned, without adding any extra markups, hassle or stress to the process.”

The company offers all clients an initial consultation for their custom wedding dress. This consultation is the first step in an 8-step process, during which the bride benefits from constant designer help and advice.

As part of the JoSaBi Process, each wedding dress comes with detailed sketches, fabric samples, and precise sizing instructions, resulting in fewer alterations than traditional store-bought dresses (which rely on sample sizes that fit less than 50% of women). Additionally, clients are updated constantly throughout the entirety of the process through photos and videos and are encouraged to provide feedback. All purchases come with free shipping and transparent pricing.

Custom orders start at around $1,350 with the final tailor-made design delivered approximately 20 weeks after an order is placed. While the effect of COVID-19 has impacted brick-and-mortar shops, JoSaBi Mariées’s custom wedding dress online process is showing how remote services can modernize and even improve the wedding industry, by showing brides that they do not need to compromise on style or quality and making their dream wedding dress a reality.

To learn more about JoSaBi Mariées or to book a consultation, please visit their website at Those with a shorter time-frame are encouraged to connect with the company via WhatsApp.

About the Company:

Founded in 2018, JoSaBi Mariées is a Black and woman-owned custom wedding dress studio based in Oakland, California. The company helps brides from all over the world get the one-of-a-kind dress of their dreams in 20 weeks and without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home.

For media inquiries, please contact the team directly by phone at 315-664-3185 or via email at
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