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Monday, October 14, 2019

Top 8 Black-Owned Handbag Brands That You Should Support

Black-owned handbags

American women spend as much as $160 on a handbag and own an average of about 11 handbags. Ten percent of women have more than 20 bags in their closet, 20 percent spend over $200 on a handbag, 8 percent spend over $400.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Black Entrepreneur Opens First Ever Coworking Space For Women of Color in Los Angeles

Blackbird House of Coworking, created by Bridgid Coulter, provides a wellness oasis and creative incubator for women of color and allies to thrive in business and life.

Bridgid Coulter, Founder & CEO, Blackbird House of Coworking

Blackbird House of Coworking, the first-ever private global coworking space designed by and for women of color, has opened its first location headquartered in Culver City, California. Founder, Bridgid Coulter, designed Blackbird House to foster a collective of women of color and their allies, of all ethnicities and genders, with similar values rooted in diversity and inclusion.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Black-Owned Pharmaceutical Company Takes Charge to Closing the Black Health Disparity Gap

Dr. Wayne Whitest, MD, President/CEO of Wayne Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Wayne Whitest, MD, President/CEO of Wayne Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Wayne, CEO of Wayne Pharmaceuticals, Inc, is dedicated to closing the health disparity gap in the Black community. Based out of Cordele, Georgia, Dr. Wayne operates one of the only Black-owned pharmaceutical companies in the nation. Wayne Pharmaceuticals shares an 18-acre campus with the MD Whitest Medical Institute, right in the heart of Cordele’s west side, the most socio-economically deprived area of the city.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

6 Black-Owned Nail Polish Brands You Should Know About

African Americans getting nail polish

Women spend nearly $1 billion dollars every year on nail polish, and one survey revealed that 33% of women own at least 25 bottles of nail polish. The industry consists of many trends including sand polish, matte finishes, at-home gel, polishes that look like gels, and even gel stickers.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

5 Black-Owned Companies You've Never Heard of That Make $500 Million or More A Year

Billionaires David L. Steward and Janice Bryant Howroyd
Billionaires David L. Steward and Janice Bryant Howroyd
There are more than 2 million businesses in the United States that are owned by African Americans, but most are small operations with very few employees. However, there are many Black-owned businesses that employ hundreds or thousands of people, and generate annual revenues of $100 million or more - some even generate billions.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Byron Allen Acquires 11 Local TV Stations For $290 Million

Byron Allen, the CEO of Entertainment Studios and Allen Media Broadcasting who also owns the Weather Channel, has added a new group of local TV stations to his portfolio. He recently purchased 11 small-market network affiliates from USA Television for a reported $290 million.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Entrepreneurs Turned Down a $400K Shark Tank Deal and Now Their Company is Worth $12 Million

Kim and Tim Lewis, founders of CurlMix

Kim and Tim Lewis, a married couple who co-founded CurlMix, pitched their hair care products made specifically for curly hair on Shark Tank about 6 months ago. They were offered a $400,000 deal, but they turned it down -- to the complete surprise of many. But since then, CurlMix has grown to be worth a whopping $12 million now!

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Black-owned businesses accounted for about 28% percent of all businesses in Washington, DC, the highest ratio in the nation. Second, was the state of Georgia, where 20% of businesses were Black-owned, and the state of Maryland, with about 19% in Illinois. The state of New York, however, has the most Black-owned firms at 204,093 but this only accounts for 10.6% of the businesses in the state. Second is the state of Georgia, third is the state of Florida, and fourth is the state of Texas with the most Black-owned businesses but not necessarily the highest ratios. [Learn more...]