Black-Owned Bottled Water Brand Makes History as the First to Be Sold in Walmart

Dr. Shayla Creer, co-founder of Live Alkaline Water, the first Black-owned brand to be sold by Walmart
Dr. Shayla Creer, co-founder of Live Alkaline Water
For the first time in history, Walmart is selling a Black-owned bottled water brand on its shelves. It's called Live Alkaline Water, and it is 100% natural alkaline water that is bottled at the source from a natural underground spring, an aquifer, and a mineral rock bed that lies 800 feet below the ground.
The company is based in Jacksonville, Florida, but the water comes from a family-owned spring in North Carolina that has been passed down for generations. The quality and high PH balance of the water has been tested and certified by the state of North Carolina, as well as the University of North Carolina in Greensboro.

How they did it

When Robert McCray, whose family has owned the spring for more than 100 years, learned that the water in their spring could be sold as a product, he decided to partner with Dr. Shayla Creer to create the brand. They both knew that the bottled water industry was very competitive, but they still believed that they had a unique product that could compete.

Dr. Creer told First Coast News, "I called... many Walmarts, and finally we got a hold of one who allowed us to do a presentation." Soon after, they presented their business plan to a local Walmart... and to their surprise, the regional manager was there and decided to give them a chance.

Of course, they were thrilled. "It was hard to keep our composure," said McCray, "because its the product that was [our] baby."

And they had every right to be excited because not only did they become the first Black-owned bottled water brand to be sold by Walmart, but their product sold out within just one month! Walmart has since reordered, and plans to continue selling their water and possibly adding the product to more stores across the country.

The benefits of alkaline water

Alkaline water has long been recommended by naturopathic doctors and others for its high PH balance, which can boost a person's immune system to naturally fight off disease. As an anti-oxidant, it also can slow down & reverse the damage done by disease-causing free radicals.

According to McCray and Dr. Sheer, the 100% organic minerals in Live Alkaline Water work together to naturally boost energy levels by cleansing your cells & ridding your body of toxins that slow you down. They also say that their water contains the highest levels of 100% organic, natural minerals that not only help keep the body functioning at its best, but also give it a fresh, pure, taste that people love so much.

For more details about Live Alkaline Waterand where exactly it can be purchased, visit their web site at or follow them on Facebook.

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