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July 11, 2022

Former Intern is Now the Owner of San Diego's Only Black-Owned Chick-fil-A Restaurant

Amber Thomas

Amber Thomas, who was an intern at Chick-Fil-A just five years ago, is now the owner of her very own Chick-Fil-A restaurant franchise in her hometown of Spring Valley, California, a suburb of San Diego.

July 6, 2022

HBCU Grad Makes History, Acquires Fuddruckers Brand and All 92 Restaurants For $18.5 Million

Nicholas Perkins, owner of the Fuddruckers Brand

Nicholas Perkins, a graduate of both Howard University and Fayetteville State University, has made history as the new owner of the international Fuddruckers restaurant brand. He was formerly one of the company's largest franchisees, but now has full ownership of all 92 of the company's restaurants in the United States, Canada, Panama, and Mexico.

July 4, 2022

Meet the 17-Year-Old Black Teen Who Just Opened a Rolled Ice Cream Shop

A'Ron Burns, founder of Roll-N-Sweetz

Meet A'Ron Burns, a 17-year-old high school student and entrepreneur from Omaha, Nebraska who has launched his own brick-and-mortar ice cream shop called Roll-N-Sweetz. He makes history as one of the youngest restaurant entrepreneurs in the state of Nebraska.

May 25, 2022

Meet the HBCU Grad Behind Disney World's First Ever Black-Owned Food Truck

Robyn Wallace

Robyn Wallace, a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University, and her husband, Zak, are the owners of the Local Green food truck at Disney World,  the first-ever Black-owned food truck to operate at the popular theme park in Orlando, Florida.

May 24, 2022

Meet the Founder of the Black-Owned Ice Cream Brand Being Sold at Walmart, Target, and More

Chef Liz Rogers

Walmart has controversially launched a brand of Juneteenth ice cream, but social media is encouraging shoppers to support Chef Liz Rogers, the Founder, President, and Executive Chef of Creamalicious, one of the only Black-owned national ice cream brands in mass production. She prides herself on being truly innovative with her whimsical 2-in-1 desserts that pair freshly baked pastries with homemade ice creams made with only the freshest ingredients.

May 20, 2022

Meet the Founder of Houston’s First Black-Owned Grocery Store

Robert Thomas, founder of District Market Green Grocer

Robert Thomas opened the first Black-owned grocery store in Houston, Texas called District Market Green Grocer. It was previously a nightclub that he owned in the same location. Thomas now aims to open more Black-owned grocery stores across the country in hopes of ending food deserts.

May 17, 2022

Founder of Black-Owned Food Service Business Wins $17M Contract With Boston Public Schools

Sheldon Lloyd, founder and CEO of City Fresh Foods

Sheldon Lloyd, founder and CEO of City Fresh Foods, a Roxbury, Massachusetts-based Black-owned food service business, has landed a deal with Boston Public Schools to provide food to its thousands of students. The $17 million contract is reportedly the largest non-construction contract the city has awarded to a Black-owned business.

April 20, 2022

33-Year Old is Making History as the First Black CEO of P.F. Chang's

Damola Adamolekun, CEO of P.F. Changs

Meet Damola Adamolekun, the CEO of P.F. Chang's China Bistro, a popular Asian casual-dining restaurant chain based in the U.S. Since 2020, he has been leading the company to ensure its continued growth and success.

April 19, 2022

Black Entrepreneur Who Almost Died as a Teen Signs Major Grocery Store Distribution Deal for Her Line of Low-Sodium Seasonings

Emily Avonya Jefferson

Meet Emily Avonya Jefferson who had a severe reaction to a medication that almost took her life when she was 16. She was hospitalized for several days due to this reaction. Her road to recovery was long, in which she had to go through physical therapy to help her walk again as well as speech therapy. Today, she is the 23-year-old owner of Avonya’s Blends, a Black-owned brand of unique seasonings that are all-natural, low-sodium, and contain no artificial preservatives or anti-caking agents.

April 18, 2022

Black Chef With His 2 Sons Open New Restaurant in Detroit With Soulful Egg Rolls as its Main Dish

Founders of Bink's Grill

Meet Chef Bink and his two sons, the founders of Bink's Grill, a newly opened Black-owned restaurant located in Detroit, Michigan. One of their most notable specialties is their soulful "world-class egg rolls" which have been a huge hit both nationally and internationally in the world of cuisine.

April 11, 2022

Couple Opens Black-Owned Grocery Store in Memphis in a Food Desert

Jerrell Spencer and Ursula Martin

Jerrell Spencer and Ursula Martin, a couple from South Memphis, Tennessee have opened a Black-owned grocery store called BL Grocery which aims to provide fresh produce and hot meals to a community that has become a food desert.

April 8, 2022

Siblings Who Launched Black-Owned Delivery Service in Philly Are Now in 4 Other Cities

It has only been just 3 years since twin brothers David and Aaron Cabello launched Black and Mobile, the first Black-owned delivery service, and they have already expanded to 4 more cities and they plan to add more.

March 30, 2022

Single Mom Launches Black-Owned Alcohol Start-Up, “Tips” the Scales in the Canned Cocktail Industry

Toni Gilliard, founder of Tipsy Lady

Meet Toni Gilliard, founder and CEO of Tipsy Lady, a Black-owned premium Caribbean-inspired canned cocktail company that is making an impressive debut in the online direct-to-consumer retail channel. Following its recent partnership with a small distributor, the Charleston, South Carolina-based brand has launched its online store, and plans to expand its placements into other cities are already in the works. Currently, Tipsy Lady is available in retail markets in CA, FL, NY, and NJ and online in over 30 states.

March 25, 2022

Asia Thomas is the 1st Black Woman to Own a Subway Franchise in Duluth, Georgia

Asia Thomas

Asia Thomas, an entrepreneur and a single mother of 3, owns and operates the first Subway franchise in Duluth, Georgia that is owned by a Black woman.

March 21, 2022

Meet the CEO of the Largest Black-Owned Food Bank in the Southeast

Elisabeth Omilami, CEO of Hosea Helps

Elisabeth Omilami is the CEO of an Atlanta-based food bank in Atlanta called Hosea Helps. Her father, a civil rights leader named Hosea Williams, started it in 1971, and today it's the largest Black-owned food ban in the southeast part of the U.S.

March 14, 2022

Family Makes History, Opens First Ever Black-Owned Restaurant on New York's City Island

Darryl Lelie and family, owners of Seafood Kingz 2 restaurant

Meet Darryl Lelie and his family, the owners of Seafood Kingz 2 on City Island in Bronx, New York, making it the first Black-owned restaurant in the area.

February 15, 2022

Founder of Black-Owned Grocery Store in Chicago Receives $2.5M in Funding From the City

Elizabeth Abunaw, founder of Forty Acres Fresh Market

Elizabeth Abunaw, founder and CEO of Forty Acres Fresh Market, a Black-owned startup grocer that offers fresh and healthy food options on Chicago's West Side, has been awarded $2.5 million in grant funding from the city. She plans to use the funds to transition her pop-up store to a brick-and-mortar store.

February 9, 2022

Founders of Black-Owned Plant-Based Food Manufacturer Close $6M Series A Funding Round

The investment round will fuel their revolutionary, plant-based food company’s rapid expansion.

Duane Myko Cheers and Danita Claytor, founders of Everything Legendary

Meet Duane “Myko” Cheers and Danita Claytor, the co-founders of Everything Legendary, a Black-owned plant-based food brand with legendary flavor, that have just closed $6 million dollars in Series A funding. The round was led by CircleUp Growth Partners with additional investments from the venture capital arm of General Mills, 301 INC, and Mark Cuban. Also, International Entrepreneur and Record Executive, Russell Simmons joined the all-star team as a Senior Advisor.

January 28, 2022

Black Mompreneur and Her 4 Kids Launch Successful Gourmet Popcorn Brand

Shaunese Alexander and her kids, founders of Popcorn Munchies

Meet Shaunese Alexander and her four children — Destiny, Trinity, Serenity, and Joshua — the founders of Popcorn Munchies, one of the fastest-growing Black-owned gourmet popcorn brands in the country. Their Maryland-based company's most popular specialty is their caramelized pecan flavor.

January 26, 2022

Entrepreneur Makes History as Black-Owned Franchise Owner, Buys 21 Donatos Pizza Restaurants

Ron Jordan, founder of Jordan Hospitality Group

Ron Jordan, the CEO and founder of Jordan Hospitality Group, has acquired all 21 Donatos restaurants in the Indianapolis market, making him the largest Black-owned franchise partner for the Columbus, Ohio-based company in its 59-year history.