Meet the HBCU Grad Behind Disney World's First Ever Black-Owned Food Truck

Robyn Wallace

Robyn Wallace, a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University, and her husband, Zak, are the owners of the Local Green food truck at Disney World,  the first-ever Black-owned food truck to operate at the popular theme park in Orlando, Florida.

After losing some of their loved ones due to health issues, the couple started becoming more conscious about what they eat. They eventually turned this newfound passion for healthy eating into a business that serves good food while encouraging other people to eat healthy as well.

"We wanted to bring something to our community without sacrificing the taste," Zak said during an interview on the Disney Parks Blog. "We know our culture tends to like soul food, barbecue, fried food... but it's affecting our health. Of the illnesses plaguing our community, the top three killers are hypertension, cancer, and diabetes."

Local Green Restaurant initially opened in Atlanta in 2019 and has since been thriving. So when the couple received an offer to occupy a space in Disney Springs, they immediately agreed. The food truck serves a variety of meals that are nutrient-rich and mostly plant-based without sacrificing the flavor.

"When eating here, we hope people realize that you can control your life by what you eat and removing the negative things," Zak said. "Put yourself first on your to-do list and think about the people most impacted by your daily dietary choices."

Robyn who is a graduated from North Carolina A & T University comment

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