Black Chef With His 2 Sons Open New Restaurant in Detroit With Soulful Egg Rolls as its Main Dish

Founders of Bink's Grill

Meet Chef Bink and his two sons, the founders of Bink's Grill, a newly opened Black-owned restaurant located in Detroit, Michigan. One of their most notable specialties is their soulful "world-class egg rolls" which have been a huge hit both nationally and internationally in the world of cuisine.

Chef Bink has ultimately reinvented the egg roll, a food that originated in Asia, with a whole new flavor and style. His signature dish, the Southwest chicken egg roll, combines several fresh ingredients in a roll plus a creamy dipping sauce.

His restaurant also offers other unique egg roll recipes such as corned beef, bacon, steak, cheese, and veggie egg roll. Aside from egg rolls, they also have super-sized burgers, chicken bites, and homemade desserts, among others.

What's more, Bink's Grill boasts of its fast and hospitable service alongside the hot fresh food they offer at an affordable price.

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