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April 8, 2021

Mom Launches Vegan Nail Polish Line and Makes Her 4-Year Old Daughter Co-CEO

Jasmine Phinex, founder of Serenity Nail Polish, with her daughter

Jasmine Phinex, a mother and entrepreneur, founded Serenity Nail Polish with her husband James and 4-year old daughter Serenity last year. Since then, they have created one of the fastest-growing lines of vegan non-toxic nail polish products that are safe for children.

March 11, 2021

Founder of Black-Owned Luxury Skincare Line Challenges Cosmetic Industry Norms

Honey Pierre, a founder of Skin Champagne

Skin Champagne, launched by Honey Pierre, a licensed esthetician, is a Black woman-owned cosmetics brand that produces unique and efficacious skincare products using the most coveted natural ingredients in the industry. Her company is a new glamorously clean beauty brand that aims to do things differently.

July 17, 2020

Black Entrepreneur Launches Non-Toxic Line of Candy-Themed Cosmetics, Lipsticks and Fragrances

Portia Bledsoe, founder of Sweet Escape Cosmetics

The increasing demand for clean yet affordable cosmetics with natural ingredients has prompted veteran beauty industry insider, Portia Bledsoe, to create Sweet Escape Cosmetics - a beauty line that is widely renowned for producing elegant yet affordable lipsticks, eyes shadows, lip lustre, and fragrances for anyone who wants to look great and awesome each day.

June 27, 2020

Mom Partners With Her 14-Year Old Daughter to Launch New Black-Owned Cosmetics Brand

Danielle and Samiah Pasha are a mother-daughter duo from Augusta, Georgia who are taking the cosmetic world by storm with their new company, The Beat House Cosmetics. The duo successfully launched their boxing-inspired cosmetic line on Juneteenth of this year.

June 3, 2019

6 Black-Owned Beauty Brands for Every Makeup Lover

Pat McGrath Labs, Black-owned beauty brand

The beauty world is an exciting and ever-expanding landscape, and Black-owned beauty brands have been popping up more and more. Rather than feeling isolated by the color range and options, Black women can now shop at tons of incredible beauty brands that cater to their needs. For companies that deliver on both quality and style, here’s a rundown of the best Black-owned beauty brands:

February 7, 2019

4 Black-Owned Beauty Subscription Boxes for Women of Color

Black-owned beauty subscription box

As a woman of color, it can be hard to find inclusive products that are tailored to your individual skin and hair needs. Fortunately, these Black-owned subscription boxes provide the solution to your problem.

January 2, 2019

10 Black Makeup Artists on Instagram You Should Follow

Black makeup artists on Instagram

For Black women, the makeup world can often be disappointing. Very few brands carry a shade range that complements darker skin tones, making it hard for consumers to find something that looks good and makes them feel confident. Thankfully, there are Black makeup artists on Instagram who have perfected certain techniques that overcome this obstacle and shed light on the disadvantages within the beauty industry.

November 28, 2018

Did This Black Entrepreneur Really Make $1 Million in 90 Minutes? Yes, She Did!

Reynell Supa Steward, founder of The Crayon Case

Yes, it's true. Reynell "Supa" Steward, founder and CEO of The Crayon Case, really did generate $1 million in sales in less than 2 hours on Cyber Monday. In fact, it was $1.2 million to be exact. The Crayon Case is a cosmetic line dedicated to amateur make-up users and aspiring makeup artists. The brand is best known for its eyeshadow palette that encourages women to treat their face as a blank canvass.

July 19, 2018

This Black Entrepreneur's Makeup Brand is Now Worth $1 Billion

Pat McGrath, founder of Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath Labs, a Black-owned makeup brand launched by makeup artist Pat McGrath, has an estimated valuation of $1 billion. The brand has officially surpassed the $900 million estimated worth of Kylie Cosmetics owned by Kylie Jenner who was featured on the August 2018 cover of Forbes Magazine and controversially referred to as a "self-made" billionaire.

October 23, 2017

Black Woman-Owned Beauty Brand Raises $1 Million in Funding Despite Major Industry Competition and Saturation

Founders of Mented Cosmetics
K.J. Miller and Amanda E. Johnson, founders of Mented Cosmetics

The beauty industry is very competitive, and already saturated with hundreds of companies that offer various makeup products. Despite this, however, two Black female Harvard Business School grads were able to launch their own beauty brand for women of color called Mented Cosmetics. Even more, they have already managed to raise $1 million in capital for their business.

March 22, 2017

Started out as a Makeup Artist, and Then Launched Her Own Makeup Line Now Worth $1 Million

Suzie Beauty was created by entrepreneur Suzie Wokabi, a US-trained makeup artist who runs her business in Kenya and initially found it hard to source quality makeup for her work. This motivated her to create her own makeup line. She struggled to receive financing for several years, using her home as a laboratory for her makeup collection. But now, her company is worth over $1 million.

April 3, 2016

Entrepreneur Turns Hobby into Black Beauty Business Empire

Fracassi Lashes, Black Beauty Empire in New York

Falicia “Fracassi” Garries was working for a corporation as a senior customer service representative when she became interested in eyelashes. It was a hobby then, and she worked at making them look natural. Little did she know that the eyelash lady ‘Fracassi,’ as they called her, would turn this hobby into a successful business with multiple locations.

August 18, 2015

8 Black-Owned Cosmetic/ Make-Up Brands You Should Know About

Black woman wearing makeup

In America, the cosmetics industry alone rakes in about $55 billion per year, according to Statistica, an online research and data source. Forbes also reports that globally, the beauty business is at $382 billion. Most people immediately think of Estee Lauder, Revlon, and MAC, but here are 8 black-owned brands of cosmetic/ makeup products you should know about:

April 10, 2015

"My Dad Didn't Want to Give Me Money to Buy Makeup... Now I'm the CEO of My Own Makeup Company"

Zandra Cunningham, founder of Zandra Beauty

14-year-old Zandra Azariah Cunningham is the president and CEO of Zandra Beauty, which sells "fun, fresh and natural" bath and body care products. Based in Buffalo, New York, this teen entrepreneur has found huge success in making her own products by hand.