Entrepreneur Turns Hobby into Black Beauty Business Empire

Fracassi Lashes, Black Beauty Empire in New York

Falicia “Fracassi” Garries was working for a corporation as a senior customer service representative when she became interested in eyelashes. It was a hobby then, and she worked at making them look natural. Little did she know that the eyelash lady ‘Fracassi,’ as they called her, would turn this hobby into a successful business with multiple locations.

Building her company

When her hobby began to take over her life. Fracassi knew it was time to establish her own business. She soon opened Fracassi Lashes, an eyelash and beauty business. After finding success with her first location, she developed a two year plan to open four more locations.

Now she has several locations throughout the state of New York (in Harlem NYC, Rochester and Buffalo). Being an entrepreneur makes her happy, but so does the fact that she has created jobs for others, including her own family who are involved in the business.

Her tips to other entrepreneurs:

  • Be good at what you do - Fracassi spent hours in the lab developing her lashes to not only look natural but were applied with adhesives that would not damage the natural lashes.
  • Deliver consistent customer service - Fracassi has always been good with customers, and she feels this is her strongest tool for developing her brand.
  • Know your target market - focus on your target market and don't try to be everything to everybody.
  • Be different - "don't be afraid to be different." "You can’t stand out if you’re just like everyone else."

Fracassi focused on eyelashes, even though many people thought she could never create a business out of it. But she remained true to her product specialty and has been in business since 2009. But she is not narrow-minded; Her company also offers full facial waxing, lip waxing, brazilian waxing, massage therapy, and tanning services!

She even offers workshops for eyelash extension training and threading classes.

To learn more about her company, visit www.fracassilashes.com or call 855-873-LASH.
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