6 Black-Owned Beauty Brands for Every Makeup Lover

Pat McGrath Labs, Black-owned beauty brand

The beauty world is an exciting and ever-expanding landscape, and Black-owned beauty brands have been popping up more and more. Rather than feeling isolated by the color range and options, Black women can now shop at tons of incredible beauty brands that cater to their needs. For companies that deliver on both quality and style, here’s a rundown of the best Black-owned beauty brands:
1. The Lip Bar
Having been in the cruelty-free makeup game for seven years, The Lip Bar is a makeup brand with a whole lot of heart. Founder Melissa Butler started out working on Wall Street, so she made quite the leap of faith when she started her company. Luckily, it’s more than paid off. With diverse shade ranges, vivacious colors, and chemical-free formulas, every product from The Lip Bar lives up to the hype.

2. Hanahana Beauty
The ultimate soothing, hydrating skincare, Hanahana Beauty will keep you glowing all year long. Founder Abena Boamah puts handcrafted thought, love, and care into each of her company’s incredible products. When you’re shopping here, you’re also doing your part to support a beautiful mission. Hanahana Beauty sources its legendary shea butter straight from Ghana, as a part of their effort to increase accessibility and sustainability for women of color around the globe.

3. Mented Cosmetics
Unhappy with the lack of inclusivity in the makeup world, Mented Cosmetics came onto the scene for women of color who wanted shades made just for them. Throughout all industries, we see the incredibly narrow definition of “nude” only being beige. Rather than letting this stand, Mented Cosmetics developed a range of nude colors, with shades from deep chocolate to soft taupe. For a nude lip that’s perfectly tailored to you, look no further than Mented Cosmetics.

4. Pat McGrath Labs
An absolute superstar in the beauty world, Pat McGrath is known as the “Mother of Makeup.” Her products are as high-quality as you can get, packing on the pigmentation and long-lasting wear. Officially a billion-dollar company, the success speaks for itself. A thriving beauty brand spearheaded by an incredibly inspirational Black woman - that’s a company we can get behind.

5. Fenty Beauty
Lauded for its products’ ability to work on every skin tone, Fenty Beauty has changed the beauty industry. Superstar Rihanna launched her beauty brand in 2017 and it’s done nothing but grow ever since. Offering up an impressive 50 foundation shades, Fenty Beauty is all about inclusive and high-quality beauty products.

6. Beauty Bakerie
If you’re a sucker for adorable packaging, Beauty Bakerie will be your new favorite makeup brand. With CEO and founder Cashmere Nicole’s mission being to, “sweeten the lives of others,” this cruelty-free company is a feel-good purchase. All the packaging is based around bakeries, cakes, and all other sweet treats. If you’ve got a sweet-tooth, Beauty Bakerie is sure to satisfy.
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