Meet the 9-Year-Old Entrepreneur Teaching Advanced Computer Tips on TikTok

Elvis Muchiri

Elvis Muchiri, a 9-year-old boy from Nairobi, Kenya, has gained fame for teaching computer hacks on TikTok. Via his channel, which is called Evolve With Elvis, he creates videos to teach people about keyboard shortcuts. So far, he has 126,000 followers and 1.7 million likes.

Together with his little sister Megan, Elvis teaches a range of hacks, from basic Windows shortcuts to more advanced tips, all while injecting some Swahili lessons for his viewers, according to Because of Them We Can.

His humor and banter have made him popular among his followers, who appreciate his teaching style. One time when a TikTok user asked how to buy a computer, Elvis jokingly replied, "Money has to be involved, no shortcut for this."

Many people are impressed by his knowledge and one even donated $600 to help Elvis upgrade his outdated Windows 2007 device. Inspired by this generosity, Elvis and his father, Francis, started a fundraising campaign on M-Changa Africa to raise funds to set up a technology institution in Nairobi and support local schools and youth centers.

They have so far raised over $1,100 and hope to raise $70,000 to make a bigger impact throughout the country. Their goal is to improve digital literacy, as only 58% of Kenyans have internet access, with only 29% of those having a basic understanding of digital skills. Elvis and his father hope to change this by providing state-of-the-art training and support even in remote areas.

Elvis' mission aligns with broader initiatives in Kenya. The government has committed to teaching coding in primary and secondary schools, and President Biden pledged $350 million through the Digital Transformation with Africa initiative to enhance digital access and literacy on the continent.

Meanwhile, Elvis, who also has nearly 9,000 subscribers on YouTube, continues to share his hacks on social media platforms while actively working towards making a broader impact in his community.

Be sure to follow Elvis on TikTok @EvolveWithElvis

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