Black Woman Entrepreneur Owns 140 Trucks and Doesn’t Even Have a Driver’s License

Kierra Henderson

Kierra Henderson, an African American entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas, also known as the Trucking Guru, has achieved remarkable success in the transportation industry over the past 15 years. Despite facing numerous challenges as a single mother without a high school diploma or GED, she has defied gender stereotypes and has established a very successful trucking business.

Kierra ventured into the world of trucking as inspired by her father. She overcame numerous obstacles along the way, including financial struggles and juggling family responsibilities as a single mother of three children. She built her business from the ground up despite her limited knowledge and qualifications. In fact, she doesn't even own a driver's license.

Since launching her trucking business, she quickly secured a 45% contract in the oil and gas industry, according to AP News. Today, she owns an impressive fleet of over 140 trucks, along with dispatchers and a brokerage firm. To date, her contract deals have surpassed a value of $100 million.

Moreover, Kierra's impact extends beyond her own business. She is committed to sharing her knowledge and experiences to transform the lives of other startups in the industry and to inspire new generations to enter the industry as well. Through "The Truckin Millionaires Tour," she empowers them to navigate the trucking business, become independent dispatchers, run a brokerage firm, and secure contracts as an owner-operator.

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