12-Year-Old Black Entrepreneur From Georgia Mowing Lawns to Help Pay Family Bills

Meet Jayden Jackson, a 12-year-old entrepreneur from Columbus, Georgia, who has been mowing lawns during his summer break to support his family and prepare for the upcoming school year. It marks the first work experience for Jayden, who just completed 5th grade.It all started when someone approached Jayden while walking with his lawnmower and asked him to mow their lawn. Without hesitation, Jayden accepted the opportunity. Word quickly spread, and an online post about Jayden's lawn mowing services gained significant attention, with over a hundred shares.

"It’s been overwhelming a little bit, but it's great," Angel Jackson, Jayden's mother, told WTVM.

Jayden, who studies at True Springs Academy, is the second oldest among six siblings. His mother praises his strong work ethic and describes him as a responsible and caring boy who goes the extra mile to help others.

Jayden is motivated to work hard to support his siblings and contribute to the family's school-related expenses. He aims to support his mother in any way he can and he is always proactive in fulfilling their needs without even being asked.

"Most kids around this area are into trouble and it just touches my heart that he's gone away from all that. He really wants to help and do things the right way," his mother added.

Jayden's efforts have not gone unnoticed in his community. He has gained a loyal customer base, including neighbor Jim Hudson, who admires Jayden's impressive work and considers him as "an asset to the community."

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