Meet the Founder on a Mission to Unmute 1,000 Black Women Execs in Corporate America and Beyond

Deandra Coleman

From a struggling single mom to running a premium brand consultancy, Deandra Coleman, a former c-suite Black executive, has mastered the nuisances and strategies of personal brand elevation. Now, via her company, Beyond The C-Suite, she's disrupting the careers of top leading Black executive women inside her new program, The Seen & Heard Experience.

This high-touch, high-impact program offers a connected, luxe, feminine-driven approach to parlaying executive expertise into brand elevation, authorship, industry leadership, and community impact. Coleman asserts, "Black executive women will no longer be muted, ignored and taken for granted. We’re writing our own destinies!"

By application and interview, The Seen & Heard Experience brings together the most prolific, ambitious, and next-level changemakers into a cohort of 25 Black executive women, offering the only network of its kind. The program seeks women who are ready to be seen and heard in order to disrupt the narratives that have historically been written for them.

"This is the year of the Black woman. It's time we tell our stories the way we need them heard. If we don't take control of our voices and stories we will continue to be left behind in our advancement. That can no longer happen," says Coleman.

While Coleman’s broader mission is to close the racial, gender, and wealth gaps that permeate the c-suite roster, she also hopes to empower Black women to take charge of their brand, shape their narrative, and chart their own path. Black women are not only shattering glass ceilings but are now using their influence, feminine values, and resolve to take an active role in the future of executive leadership.

In addition to being paired with a personal ghostwriter to pen and publish participant’s books, this immersive experience provides a professional speaking coach, invaluable marketing and brand training. True to her brand, Coleman has included two all-inclusive luxury destination retreats where members will indulge in work, luxe, and play with their executive sisters.

Coleman strives to create a safe space for Black executive women to show up as their whole selves, work, and grow together. Each member will feel safe to share her vision, ideas, and challenges without fear of external damage.

In business, one’s reputation often precedes them. At Beyond The C-Suite a woman’s executive brand isn’t left to chance. Instead, the agency is proactive, strategic, and visionary. Accordingly, The Seen & Heard Experience will pave the way for the next generation of high-level Black women executives while encouraging current senior level power players to invest in their brand elevation.

About the company
Beyond The C-Suite is a full-service brand strategy, communications and public relations agency helping Black executive women build reputable personal brands and executive lifestyles with soft elevation and expertise that translates into in-demand professional success. They are on a mission to propel each woman to a higher level of business, career, and multi-million-dollar success. Beyond The C-Suite creates impact, influence, and a lasting legacy built on values, intelligence, and hard work. Learn more at

About the founder
Deandra Coleman is an award-winning personal brand elevation strategist for executive women, teaching high-level brand elevation practices for what's beyond the c-suite. She is a mother, dog mom, and music lover on a personal mission to normalize luxury, rest, autonomy, authenticity, and freedom in work and lifestyle for Black women.

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