Black Female Entrepreneur Makes History as the Co-Founder of a $1.6 Billion Tech Startup

Iman Abuzeid

Iman Abuzeid, a medical doctor turned entrepreneur and CEO, is making history as one of very few Black women to lead a billion-dollar company. Her health tech startup, Incredible Health, is currently valued at $1.65 billion. She is only the fourth Black woman in history to have accomplished this.

In August 2022, Incredible Health reportedly secured an $80 million Series B round of funding, raising the company's total current valuation to up to $1.65 billion and making its CEO, Abuzeid, only the 4th Black woman in history to run a company valued at more than a billion dollars.

Abuzeid co-founded Incredible Health in 2015 with the goal to connect more qualified nurses with hospitals and healthcare organizations that have vacant positions. The platform has been very valuable, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic wherein the lack of medical personnel impacted many hospitals in the US.

With Incredible Health, several hospital systems in the country paid the company to list their open jobs while the algorithm finds the top matching candidates for them at a faster rate than traditional recruitment.

"We've transformed how nurses are hired and will build on this work to help health systems and healthcare workers manage surging patient demand in the midst of a national labor crisis," she told Good Morning America.

Starting out with 200 hospitals, the platform now increased its partnership to over 600 hospitals in the US. The number of nurses who are joining the network is also growing to more than 10,000 every week, reducing the average hiring time to at least 14 days. The company recorded a top-line growth of more than 500 percent in 2021.

Abuzeid, who is a medical doctor herself, says that she is well aware of the lack of health professionals in the country. That's why aside from digitalizing the recruitment process, her company also provides free accredited nursing courses to fill the critical void of talent. 

"We are committed to addressing both sides of this crisis with tech-enabled support and services for the US nursing workforce," she said.

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