Women Entrepreneurs Launch New Line of Black-Themed Greeting Cards For Kids of Color

Kateena Thomas and Latisha Armstrong, founders of Perfectly Hued Expressions

Perfectly Hued Expressions, a Black woman-owned business, is celebrating children with melanin-rich skin tones with a new line of greeting cards. Established in 2018 by entrepreneurs Kateena Thomas and Latisha Armstrong, their company set out to fix the glaring problem of a lack of diversity in the greeting card industry. Their solution was to introduce to the market high-quality, fun and stylish products that mirror the beautiful hues of diverse little ones. The unique greeting card brand and stationery line was created for, and inspired by, kids of color!

Perfectly Hued is here to set a new standard for the greeting card industry by providing options to explore the individual hues so wonderfully represented across the nation and beyond. From soft porcelain complexions, honey-hued and mocha shades, to rich dark chocolates, they strive to ensure visibility and representation of all skin tones, as well as all other features that make children of color uniquely beautiful.

The overall end goal and the motivation behind the brand, is to have every child of color realize the skin they are in is 100% acceptable. Perfectly Hued is successfully closing the gap and inciting buzz for what was clearly missing from the greeting card industry all these years. In doing so, they have essentially become the change they desire to see by adding color to a market that had very little.

What showcases the cutest kids with beautiful brown hues… all in a kid-friendly design? The line of greeting cards and stationery by Atlanta's very own Perfectly Hued Expressions. In addition to existing birthday cards for kids, there are new cards for various occasions scheduled to launch this year. And, to encourage writing, there are even pen pal kits and note cards geared towards helping children learn to communicate in a fun and stylish manner.

All of these products can be purchased online at PerfectlyHued.com. The cards and stationery line are competitively priced! And, to add a personal touch, the Perfectly Hued team even hand-package every greeting card with care, as one of the many ways they show customers their appreciation! Perfectly Hued is hoping to partner with like-minded retailers looking to provide this niche line alongside their existing brands. Retailers that carry the Perfectly Hued line of cards and stationery will be essential in helping to celebrate diversity and spread the message that kids of color are indeed beautiful!

At Perfectly Hued, they celebrate diversity, praise individuality, and are passionate about depicting those who, up until this point, had very little representation in this massive industry.

Perfectly Hued, LLC is the first greeting card company of its kind and is filling a niche that many major retailers and other papeterie and card companies have overlooked. Since branding its products in 2019, Perfectly Hued Expressions, LLC has sold cards that showcase diversity in 22 states. They have found a niche market with a formula for repeat buyers - with a large market for potential customers around the globe.

For media inquiries, please contact Latisha Armstrong at 912-506-8299 or info@perfectlyhued.com.

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