Meet the 11-Year Old Boy Who Sells Lemonade to Buy Diapers For Single Moms

Cartier Carey, an 11-year old entrepreneur from Hampton, Virginia, spent his free time during the summer selling lemonade. His goal was to raise money to buy diapers, wipes, and other supplies for parents, particularly single mothers, who were struggling financially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cartier started his organization, Kids 4 Change, when he learned through his friends about the hardships that their single mothers were dealing with. Although his parents are together, Cartier says that he began to realize that it's much harder to raise kids alone, especially during the pandemic.

He thought about opening a lemonade stand and with the support of his parents and siblings, he was able to do it. He sold lemonade for $1 dollar, chips for $.50 cents, and candy for $.25 cents from his front lawn, next to a sign that reads: "Raising Money for Single Mothers."

People who passed by the lemonade stand would often buy lemonade and leave donations, too. Within just the first 3 days, he has raised about $3,000 and all of it was used to purchase diapers and other supplies for single mothers in need.

So far, the lemonade stand has earned $7,500 allowing him to buy over 27,500 diapers distributed to local shelters, churches, and directly to single mothers in his community.

"I really want to raise awareness," Cartier told The Washington Post. "I want to spend all my free time doing this."

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