Mompreneur Creates All-Natural and Vegan Skincare Line to Soothe Her Daughter’s Eczema

Lydia Gibson, creator of Eva Jenae Naturals

Lydia Gibson, creator of Eva Jenae Naturals, is driven by the belief that nature provides all we need to achieve our healthiest skin and hair. Every ingredient she uses has a purpose and delivers results. Her brand is proof that skin and hair care can be simple, yet effective.

After she found out her baby girl had eczema, Lydia began researching the causes of the skin irritation. She quickly realized the products she was using that were labeled “all natural” contained chemicals, perfumes, and other ingredients that further irritated her daughter’s skin. There was an absence of soothing and moisturizing ingredients that would nourish and protect her delicate skin. “I wanted to trust what I was putting on my daughter’s sensitive skin, and the best way to do that was to create my own recipes,” Lydia says.

She began to experiment with plant-based ingredients that have been known for centuries to nourish skin. The more she explored, the more passionate she became about achieving beautiful, healthy skin! Lydia started sharing these products with her friends and coworkers who loved them and encouraged her to sell them rather than just giving them away. At that time, she was working full time and in graduate school with two small children, so starting a business didn’t even seem possible. She jumped at the chance to launch Eva Jenae Naturals after having to resign from her job and move from Florida to Ohio because of her husband’s military orders.

Lydia’s mission is to create natural, sustainable, and vegan products to nourish your skin and hair. All the plant-based ingredients used have a specific purpose, are purchased from responsible suppliers, and are 100% natural and/or organic. No synthetic fragrances, petroleum, or parabens are used and none of the products are ever tested on animals.

It is Lydia’s vision to use Eva Jenae Naturals as a platform to promote self-love, empowerment, and community involvement. As testament of her vision, a portion of each sale is donated to nonprofit organizations in the local community who share her vision.

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