12 Black Women Become Published Authors After Completing Unique Signature Program

Twelve Women of Color Impart Stories of Healing, Hope, and Survival

12 women of color authors who completed the T.A.L.K. Publishing program

In a historic feat, twelve women of color are now published authors after completing T.A.L.K. Publishing’s signature program, MyAuthorLab. The 90-day program serves as a creative incubator for individuals who aspire to share their story — raw yet refined.
In an industry where less than 25 percent of book publishers are people of color, twelve women are blazing an unprecedented trail with their newly published books:

• Xanadua Agnew Oceans of Emotions: Freeing My Inner Voice

• Maria Fonseca ALONE but not Alone: Discovering God’s Light in Dark Places

• Sheila Gray A Quiet Storm: Wounded I Was. Healed I Am

• Dionne Grayson The Making: Trust God to Be the Chairman of Your Boardroom

• Mary Jackson Life is Full of If’s: 101 Things to Consider

• Clarity JonesDiary of a M.A.D. Fat Woman

• Laneice McGee7 Day Journey to Discovering Your Purpose: God’s Vision, My Hands. Partnership with the Divine

• Emerald MillsRejection Uprooted: 5 Practical Principles for Overcoming Rejection

• Tina Payne Untethered: Personal Journey to Freedom

• Toni Pharm#L.I.F.E.: Living Intentionally Fearless Every Day

• Yolanda Radford-SartinPersevere & Pursue: Do What is in Your Heart to Do

• Kimberly TurnerThe Struggle is Over: Transforming and Renewing Your Mind to Live Life Abundantly

“I created MyAuthorLab as a platform to encourage people to share their respective journeys through a message of healing, hope, and survival,” says JoLanda Rogers, Founder & President of T.A.L.K. Publishing. “In a safe and guided environment, we provide mentorship, coaching, prayer, and community to ensure aspiring and experienced writers become published authors in 90 days.”

MyAuthorLab is designed to push beyond the limits of traditional publishing and allow the author to take ownership of their success; every author owns their copyright and receives 100 percent royalties from sales.

The signature program guides women through a comprehensive strategy assessment to determine readership, or what we refer to as your “perfect reader.” Whether you’re an avid reader or simply in need of inspiration, these books are intentionally created with everyone in mind.

“I am so amazed by the dedication displayed by every woman who embarked on this journey with us and I am excited for the world to receive their labor of love and truth,” Rogers said.

For more information on the authors and to purchase their book, visit TalkConsulting.net/published

About T.A.L.K. Publishing:
T.A.L.K. Publishing is a premier full-service publishing company that engages individuals from thought formation to print and publication. Since 2018, T.A.L.K. Publishing has published more than 30 books and has reached more than 30 national and international markets. Through intentional and guided coaching, aspiring and experienced authors are encouraged to share their respective journeys through messages of healing, hope, and survival.

For press inquiries, contact JoLanda Rogers at 262-477-3100 or Jrogers@talkconsulting.net
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