Black-Owned Cognac Brand Returns with a New Look to Celebrate Black Excellence

Rivente Cognac

After a highly successful launch that left shelves bare, Rivente' Cognac has fully restocked with a more refined look, feel, and message. Their Juneteenth release was both intentional and symbolic as the brand encourages cognac lovers to have it "Your Way" while envisioning a "New American Dream."
With its newest release, Rivente’ is paying homage to Black excellence while carving out its own identity within the spirit world with the sleek design and sophistication of its all-black bottle. While the updated design is a celebration of sorts, it's also a resounding call-to-action.

Imprinted on each bottle is the hashtag #blackdollar, signifying the brand's commitment to the African American community. With a portion of the proceeds donated to The Black Dollar Foundation, a non-profit founded by owner and CEO, Algen Albritten, Rivente' is fostering an ownership mindset within the black community with initiatives such as coding camps for children and entrepreneurial scholarships for adults.

"The traditions we create, the culture we've fostered, the greatness we've achieved; the sheer resilience our people possess deserves to be included, so we're rewriting it as 'The New American Dream,'" said Algen of the new slogan. He continued, "Rivente' is about authoring our own narratives, writing, and living our own American Dream."

Rivente' comes in VSOP/XO and Napoleon. Crafted to be enjoyed straight, chased, or mixed, the unparalleled smoothness of the super-premium cognac will be available online at and at select retailers in Florida.

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About Rivente' Cognac:
Jacksonville, Florida-based Rivente' produces handcrafted cognac, distilled in a traditional Charentais copper still handed down from the Raclie family circa 1920 and aged four years in sought-after Limousin forest oak. Meeting all premium standards, Rivente' uses grapes from one of the eight pre-approved grape varieties grown in one of France's six controlled vineyard areas.

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