Entrepreneurs Kick Off National Campaign to Fund Black Businesses and Bridge the Black Wealth Gap

The 10K Project is an economic movement to create a 100% Black-owned crowdfunding platform

Cheree Warrick, a co-founder and CEO of The 10K Project

As part of a national movement to bridge the Black wealth gap, a group of entrepreneurs has launched The 10K Project™ - a 100% Black-owned equity crowdfunding platform to create a new generation of Black businesses.
The project allows micro investors to join for $100 and have the opportunity to invest in Black-owned small businesses. If 10,000 people to invest as little as $100, then there would be $1 million to support these businesses. In addition to accessing opportunities to invest, members will have access to financial literacy webinars, wealth building educational resources, community forums, and the ability to network and learn from each other.

“I believe Black entrepreneurs need a platform where they can find investors since many are not likely to get loans from banks or family members,” said Cheree Warrick, a co-founder and the project’s CEO. The 10K Project™ tells entrepreneurs to bring their innovative ideas and pitch those ideas to the community.

In its report, The Trillion Dollar Blind Spot, Morgan Stanley Report points out, “Multicultural and women-owned businesses could account for $6.8 trillion in gross receipts if they matched their percentage of the labor force and business revenues were equal to traditional firms.”

Warrick, who has been writing business plans for more than a decade, said The 10K Project™ is responding to a growing need to support Black entrepreneurs, especially during a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has created such economic uncertainty. She and her co-founders believe that the project has a chance to create a new generation of Black investors.

“We all come from communities with beautiful histories and amazing Black people doing wonderful things,” said Tawana Rivers, a co-founder and the project’s COO. “We must save ourselves from the economic challenges facing our community. For far too long, we’ve been relying on others. It’s time we to support ourselves. We have the power, tenacity, and intelligence to be amazing.”

For more information, go to The10KProject.com to download its free e-book and join. To interview the co-founders, contact Neil Foote at neil@neilfoote.com or 214-448-3765.
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