Bea Dixon's Honey Pot and 5 Other Black Woman-Owned Feminine Hygiene Brands to Support

Bea Dixon and other Black entrepreneurs that produce feminine hygiene brands

Feminine hygiene products make up a global multi-billion dollar industry. Most products are sold by big corporations, but the brand often most favored are the ones owned by smaller woman-owned companies who understand first-hand what women want and need. At least six of those brands are owned by very motivated African American women entrepreneurs. Here they are:
#1 - Honey Pot: Founder Bea Dixon started The Honey Pot Co because she was suffering from bacterial vaginosis for months and couldn't get relief. One night, she had a dream that she says gave her an idea on how to heal herself. Now her herbal all-natural feminine care products are available online in Target stores all over the country. All of her products are clinically-tested and gynecologist-approved. Also, they are 100% natural, and made with ingredients from the earth with no chemicals, toxins, artificial fragrance, or anything synthetic.

#2 - Femi Secrets: When Davielle Jackson set out to create a better solution for a friend who was experiencing heavy menstrual flow and leaking. The result was the Pretty Panty – their signature product that features a fashionable panty and absorbent pad in one unit. Their mission is to provide women of all ages with quality sanitary products that provide the ultimate protection and make women feel safe, confident, and comfortable at all times.

#3 - Clean and Cute Panty Wash: Developed by gynecologist Dr. Tosha Rogers to address the issues that she sees and treats repeatedly. Her focus is on hygiene, healthy vaginal skin and panties that are actually clean and not just perfumed. The product called Clean & Cute™ is a hypoallergenic, organic, non-GMO, vegan, Paraben free, Sulfate free, Formaldehyde free, animal cruelty free panty wash, oh, and it smells great too. It consists of only 3 all-natural ingredients-one of which is an essential oil. The panty wash was designed for all women who wear panties.

#4 - Nene FemHealth: Created by Nerissa Olugbala, this brand provides toxic-free health and beauty products. The founder strongly believes that women deserve fem care that not only gives them the results they need, but fem care that will also inspire them to feel beautiful, powerful, and confident in their femininity. Her company also offers vaginal steaming services, which is used by midwives for postpartum care right after a woman has a baby. Vaginal steaming is also used as a hygenic post-period practice to get any left-over blood out of the vaginal tract once the period is over.

#5 - Ruby Love: Founded by Crystal Etienne in 2015 and formerly known as PantyProp, Ruby Love is an apparel company rooted in the belief that periods should never stop women from doing, being and going. She developed a smart, intuitive, patent-pending technology that offers maximum absorption, protection against leaks and stains, peace of mind, and complete discretion, so period days can be like every other day.

#6 - Femly: An eco-friendly & organic feminine care company that manufactures healthier alternatives and delivers to your door. After suffering a cervical tumor that was linked to chemicals in popular brands, founder Arion Long set out to change the game. The brands top sellers include cotton pads, pantyliners, and menstrual cups.
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