Unique Bus Tour Takes Florida Tourists to Visit Local Black-Owned Businesses

Candy Lowe, President and Founder of The Black Business Bus Tour Florida

Meet Candy Lowe, founder of the Black Business Bus Tour, who rolls out her tour at least three times a year to showcase and bring economic empowerment to local Black-owned businesses in Tampa, Florida and other nearby cities. Normally, these businesses have little or no marketing budgets and remain hidden from the views of audiences that would patronize them if they knew of their existence.
The Black Business Bus Tour began with a vision and a question! The question: Why are so many Black-owned businesses in and out of business within a year or two? The answer came with a vision to eradicate that with the Black Business Bus Tour.

Because many people simply don't know that some of these businesses even exist, taking people to these businesses has proven to be the spark that ignites a fire which continues to burn brightly today. Now, more local businesses have opened and remain open because of Lowe's brilliant idea. Her unfaltering dedication has brought dollars to many businesses and kept many open when it seemed they had little choice but to close.

Wearing her famous cape, Lowe continues to search throughout the Tampa Bay area locating Black-owned businesses that unfortunately have gone without recognition due to a common pitfall of many businesses – lack of marketing/advertising budgets..

The Black Business Bus Tour is a phenomenon that is quickly growing to national and international recognition. The motor coaches roll out to different locations with riders that are prepared to shop, and naturallly, the retailers are eager to accommodate them.

Lowe comments, “Economic empowerment is a must for any business to sustain itself, and more Black dollars need to remain in local Black communities as long as possible if we are to remove the poverty stigma.”

Learn more by visiting the official web site at BlackBusinessBusTourFlorida.com or by calling 813-394-6363.
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