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March 4, 2020

Black Nurse Launches Service Similar to Airbnb — But For Travel Nurses!

Keisha Manning, founder of Nursesbnb

Nursesbnb, a new platform inspired by Airbnb, has been launched to help travel nurses find a place to stay after working their odd-hour shifts. Keisha Manning, a nurse turned entrepreneur, made the idea materialize after firsthand seeing the issue of the lack of accommodation for travel nurses.
With the reportedly declining number of nurses in the United States, travel nurses became the newest solution to alleviate the shortage. Travel nurses are hired to work on a short-term contract -- usually ranging from weeks to a year.

While it has been known to be a high-paying job, it is often difficult to find accommodations that suit their schedules. Travel nurses usually work from 7pm to 7am and there are very limited Airbnb hosts that can cater to them. Even worse, most hotels won't adjust their check-in and check-out times to help the situation.

In 2019, Keisha saw this first-hand happen to a nurse who was recruited for an assignment at the hospital where she was working for. Her workmate checked several hotels and Airbnb hosts, but because he couldn't find one, he was forced to sleep in the car and eventually quit the job.

Manning thought of the big opportunity that her colleague lost because of the issue with accommodation. That was when she decided to create Nursesbnb.

Not only does Nursesbnb change the game for the medical industry, but also in real estate. Those who are living near hospitals that are willing to be a host to well-paid travel nurses or other health care professionals can earn money from renting out their spare bedrooms.

For more information about Nursesbnb and/or to sign up online, visit

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