Black Woman Makes History, Partners with Billion Dollar Private Lender to Fund Real Estate Investments in Detroit

Brittni Abiolu

In an exciting development for the Detroit real estate market, Brittni Abiolu, the Founder of VentureHue, proudly announces an exclusive partnership with a billion-dollar nationwide private real estate lender. This collaboration aims to provide real estate investors with unparalleled access to funding, offering loans and lines of credit up to $100 million (or more). This strategic partnership, managed by two experienced black women leaders in the industry, is set to revolutionize the funding landscape for Detroit's real estate investors.

Brittni Abiolu, a seasoned expert with 16 years of experience in helping entrepreneurs obtain capital, will lead the efforts in brokering these deals exclusively in Detroit. The partnership underscores a commitment to empowering local real estate investors with the financial tools needed to succeed in today's competitive market.

"We are thrilled to bring these exceptional funding opportunities to Detroit. Our programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of real estate investors, from fix and flip projects to long-term rental investments," says Brittni. "This partnership not only provides significant capital but also supports our mission to foster economic growth and development in Detroit."

The funding programs offered through this partnership include:

 0% Interest Personal and Business Lines of Credit: Flexible credit lines for both personal and business use, available at zero percent interest

 Fix and Flip Loans: Short-term financing for purchasing and renovating properties to sell at a profit.

 Residential 30-Year Rental Loan: Long-term loans for residential rental properties, offering stability and predictable financing.

 New Construction (Residential): Funding for building new residential properties from the ground up.

 Commercial Value-Add Loan: Financing for commercial properties needing renovations to increase value.

 Transactional Funding: Short-term loans to cover the gap between buying and selling properties.

Register for Our Free Webinar and/or Contact Us to Learn More

To ensure that investors are well-informed about these opportunities, Brittni and the private lending team will host weekly information sessions via Zoom. These sessions will provide detailed insights into the funding programs, qualification criteria, and application process. Interested parties can register for these sessions by clicking here.

"This is more than just a funding opportunity; it's a movement towards empowering real estate investors and stimulating growth in Detroit," added Brittni. We invite all interested investors to join our information sessions and learn how they can benefit from these unique funding solutions."

For more information about the funding programs and meet Brittni, register for the information session and/or go here to get in contact or submit the pre-qualification application.

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