Ohio Black Mom and Son Make History as the New Owners of a Previously Korean-Owned Beauty Supply Store

Nneka Slade and her son, Kameron

Meet Nneka Slade and her son, Kameron, the new owners of Star Beauty Plus, a now Black-owned beauty supply store in Maple Heights, Ohio. The store was previously owned by a Korean family for 50 years, however, the mother and son duo were able to acquire the business after finalizing a seven-figure deal. The business serves local hair stylists across Northeast Ohio, including the Akron-Canton area, with a wide range of products from tools and hair products to wigs.

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, Nneka, who is 49 years old, and Kameron, who is 25, compare their business partnership to the Cavaliers' 2016 NBA champions, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. Nneka describes herself as the organized and structured half of the team, while Kameron brings creativity and a willingness to take risks. He says he appreciates his mother's industry experience and complements it with modern ideas like online marketing and delivery services.

Nneka, a cosmetologist for over 30 years, decided to step back from direct client work in 2016 and started selling hair extensions online with Coleman in 2018. By 2021, they had acquired their first store, Play Beauty Supply in Richmond Heights. They shifted to online retail with the goal of providing more hair products for ethnic groups.

When the chance arose to buy the 50-year-old business, Nneka and Kameron saw it as a "supernatural blessing." The Kim family, the previous owners, supported them throughout the transition, ensuring they were well-prepared to succeed. Nneka and Kameron focused on enhancing the customer experience for those wanting to look and feel beautiful.

Their expansion plans include offering same-day delivery in Akron and distinguishing themselves by offering unique services and creating a full-service experience. They will also continue to host events and classes for hair stylists and entrepreneurs. Additionally, they have integrated a barber shop into Star Beauty Plus and offer products typically found at Sephora, enhancing convenience for their customers.

The duo is excited about the support they have received, especially from the Black community. In the meantime, they are preparing to relaunch their website to offer same-day delivery services for local stylists.

Be sure to follow their store on Instagram @StarBeautyPlusShop

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