Black Real Estate Entrepreneur Who Went from Broke to Millions is Now Helping Others Do So Too

Mike Ealy

Mike Ealy is not just a real estate magnate in his own right; he's a visionary who has transformed his passion for real estate into a multi-million-dollar portfolio. And he’s committed to helping others do so too. “I didn't come from a wealthy family, but wealthy families will come from me,” quips Ealy, president of Cincinnati-based Nassau Investments, a commercial real estate investment firm. “I'm the first one in my family to do this, so that’s why I’m so passionate about giving back and teaching,” says “It all starts with knowledge and believing in yourself. You. Can. Do. This!”

From humble beginnings dreaming of a career in STEM to the helm of a thriving real estate empire, Ealy's journey is a remarkable one of inspiration and resilience. Born and raised in Cincinnati, his career trajectory took an unexpected turn during his time as a student at Tuskegee University, an historically Black university in Alabama. His love of math initially drew him to electrical engineering, but he read a book that lit a fire in him to give real estate a try. "I ended up being a real estate guy," says Ealy with a smile, reflecting on that pivotal shift that changed the course of his life."

He first embarked on his real estate journey in his 20s with $3,000 he’d saved from working multiple jobs. He started small, acquiring his first property using creative financing strategies he’d picked up from reading more books on real estate investing and business. He eventually acquired multiple properties and enjoyed a validating season of financial rewards. However, he soon learned the hard way that he did not have the right foundation and structure and unexpectedly lost it all during the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy and when race riots erupted in Cincinnati.

Defeated, Ealy initially wallowed in what he perceived as “the valley of failure,” but then he stepped out on faith, opting to change his perspective. “I cannot lie, at first I was feeling defeated, like a failure, like I let myself and my family down,” he remembers. “But then I brushed myself off and used my ‘get back up muscles’ and eased myself back into the game. It was an unfortunate experience, but it taught me some important life lessons that I needed to learn early on, about the power of perseverance and adaptability. For that, I am eternally grateful.”

Ealy stayed the course and eventually bounced back, leveraging what became known as the “the Great Recession” as a stepping stone to rebuild his wealth while others were losing big. Today his real estate portfolio boasts more than 1,500 units and five hotels, valued at over $300 million. His latest venture, the Lion Capital Fund, he says, represents the culmination of his experience and vision. "The Lion Capital Fund is an opportunity to acquire real estate as a REIT, Real Estate Investment Trust, offering consistent returns to investors," he explains. More than just a fund, Ealy says the Lion Capital Fund aims to increase access to wealth-building opportunities. "We want to help people build wealth and be more in control of it," he says. The passive investment fund caters to a wide range of investors, providing access to cash-flowing properties such as apartments and hotels with limited risk. One of its key objectives is being nimble and able to identify and act on real estate market opportunities quickly. Most recently that has resulted in him launching a funding campaign to purchase a mix of hotels and apartment complexes via Vesterr, a platform touted as the nation’s first Black-owned and led crowdfunding platform for real estate investing. "There's never been a time like this in history," Ealy states, referring to the impending foreclosure wave predicted as interest rates remain high and commercial real estate investors begin offloading properties. "Now's the time to seize the opportunity to be a part of this, to get your financial piece of the pie."

Ealy says Lion Capital Fund offers investors a chance to invest in existing, cash-flowing properties with limited risk. With properties already renovated and generating revenue, investors can expect steady returns and tax benefits. "We encourage people to get educated," stresses Ealy, highlighting that he believes real estate is a safer investment than the volatile stock market. “There’s just so much opportunity out there to build wealth with real estate,” he says. “Every investment comes with risk, but I want people to know that real estate investing is a vehicle and it’s accessible and very lucrative.”

Beyond his business ventures, Ealy is committed to sharing his knowledge and experience in the real estate industry with others who want to learn. Through his website,, he offers courses, webinars and mentorship opportunities to aspiring investors. “My goal is to show people that they can impact the lives of their family and transform their financial status,” he asserts.

Reflecting on his journey, Ealy says he uses what he refers to as “the hurdles of unbelief, fear and failure” that he’s faced throughout his own career as opportunities to grow. "People laughed at me, but that just made me stronger, more determined," he says. His message to aspiring investors: "There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to obtain wealth. You are always just one big deal away from financial success!

Ealy is available to share his story of hope and financial empowerment across all media platforms. For more information about Ealy and the Lion Capital Fund, visit the official web site at

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Nassau Investments is a Cincinnati-based commercial real estate investment firm with a portfolio boasting $250 million in apartments and hotels. Its mission is to educate and increase the wealth of investors by offering opportunities to participate and invest in exclusive commercial real estate investments, such as apartments and hotels.

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