Black Woman-Owned Tax Training Academy Launches New Program With 74 Apprentices

Dr. Cozette M. White with her apprentices of The Tax Curative Institute

Dr. Cozette M. White, Founder and CEO of The Tax Curative Institute, proudly announces the launch of her inaugural Advanced Corporate Tax Training cohort, comprising a diverse group of executives, CEOs, and business owners from tax firms across the nation. This elite program focuses extensively on a comprehensive range of complex tax subjects, including S Corporations (1120S), C Corporations (1120), Partnerships (1065), Estates and Trusts (1041), and Tax-Exempt Organizations (990 series).

Guided by the expert leadership of Dr. White, the cohort benefits from an intensive curriculum that incorporates two key books that she authored: Beyond Numbers: Empowering Business Owners Through Tax Planning and Tax Strategies for Small Businesses. These publications provide critical insights for reducing tax liabilities and are fundamental to training these top-tier tax professionals.

Dr. White remarks, "Our curriculum is specifically designed to empower tax professionals by deepening their understanding of critical tax issues and equipping them with effective strategies to serve their clients. Tax Strategies for Small Businesses is particularly tailored for S corporation clients, providing actionable strategies that are crucial for business success."

The Tax Curative Institute is excited to introduce the following esteemed professionals currently enhancing their expertise through this transformative training program:

• Alesha Brown, CEO, APB Tax Solutions, CA
• Amore Minor, Minor Tax Solutions, GA
• Angela Medley, Medley Financial Services, FL
• April Whitley, McNeal's Tax Services, NY
• Arkela Carrigan, AC Tax Solutions, NC
• Arline Robinson, K and A Tax Mobile Services, TX
• Ashle Madry, The BOSS Connect, VA
• Ashley Gross, Harvest Time Financial, OH
• Brenda Villa, Villa Tax Group, GA
• Bryandie Walker, ITC Pro Tax Solutions, IL
• Carol Lopez, Oasis Tax & Financial Services, OK
• Chantal Jarrett, Collective Tax Group, MI
• Chassidy Grady, Grady Tax Plus, TX
• Chondra Alexander, CCA Tax Service, TX
• Daisy Lopez, Cohn, Lopez & Associates, CA
• Danielle Ridgeway, Covering Your Assets, LLC, IL
• Davia Montgomery, Phoenix Rising Financial, GA
• Deborah A Chesser, Bookkeeping by DebCee
• Desiree M. Staples, C&D Tax and Accounting Services, LLC, GA
• Diane Cornelius, Cornelius Financial Services, FL
• Edeline Francois, Edeline Francois & Associates Tax & Accounting, GA
• Emily Ferrell, Empire Konnections, LLC, TX
• Erica L Gay, E Lynn Tax Services, OH
• Eve Estrada, 1st Action Tax and Financial Services, TX
• Itzel Hernandez, HS Notary & Income Tax Service, TX
• Jameal Clark, Best Face Forward Consultants, MD
• Jeanua Latina L Morris, After Hours Tax, SC
• Jennifer Guzman, Bright Tax Corporation, NY
• Karen Reese, KOAR Fast Tax Service, TX
• Kayla Joshua, Knowledge Solutions, NV
• Kenya LaShea, Senary Tax Solutions, AL
• Kesha Norman-Young, K and A Mobile Tax Services, TX
• Keyan Carter, DeLuxe Consultants & Accounting, LLC, TX
• Kimberly Barry, Barry Consultant Solutions, LLC
• Kristie Brinson, Tax R US, GA
• La'Keesha G Stones, Thomas Tax Pros, KY
• Lamesha Barnes, Banks Tax Service, TX
• LaShai Thomas, Simply Enterprise, IL
• Latasha Margin, LAM Tax Services, TX
• Latonya Foreman, Accredited Financial Services, CA
• Leslie Ross, Peace of Mind Tax Solutions, TX
• Linnette Santos, Mapade Management, LLC, GA
• Liz Estrada, 1st Action Tax and Financial Services, TX
• Loren Hamilton, Hamilton Excellence Solutions, NC
• Marcey Dauterive, Plus More and Some Tax Services, LLC, TX
• Margie Brown, Epique Realty, AL
• Martin McDuffie, Martin's Tax Consulting, SC
• Mychaela Vanison, Premier Tax & Financial Solutions, GA
• Nariyah Simms, GWAP Financial Enterprises, Inc., NJ
• Nazokat Alimova, NAZ CPA Tax Accounting Consulting, LLC, TX
• Nekia Cohea, NMC Group & Companies, TX
• Nicole Aisha Sutton, The Rich Girl Brand, TX
• Nicole Banks, Banks Tax Service, TX
• Nilda Ortega, Excel Tax Solutions, IL
• Portia Jordan-Dozier, J&J Trilogy Accounting Services, LLC, FL
• Rebecca Davis, TaxTyme Express Tax & Business, TX
• Renee Shoate, MMI & Associates, LLC, OK
• Royauntavious D. Tate, Tates Consulting Prosperity Group, GA
• Samantha Mabry, Mabry Tax Firm, GA
• Sara Morgan, Morgan Tax Solutions, NC
• Shantell Wilkins, RBA Tax & Financial Services, NC
• Sharonda Williams, Tax Lady II Union County, LLC, VA
• Shecorie Conley, Elite Tax 99, VA
• Shenika Taylor, Taylor Tax Services, GA
• Stephanie Crutchfield, Crutchfield Taxes FS, TX
• Tabitha-Hall Dunlap, TTC Tax Solutions
• Tanita Daniels, Straightpoint Solutions, LLC, GA
• Tasha Dampier, IATIA Business Services, TN
• Taylor Pringle, Pringle Financial Services, VA
• Temeisha McNeil, Sweet Resolutions, VA
• Tonya Fairley, Elite Talent LLC, CA
• Toya Traynor, Truth Tax & Accounting, IL
• Yolanda Meade, Yolanda Financial Services, MA

As these professionals progress through their training, the Tax Curative Institute anticipates their future successes and positive impact on the tax industry and their communities. All aspiring tax professionals and business owners are invited to join the program and utilize these invaluable resources. Enrollment opens in July for the next cohort.

The Tax Curative Institute also proudly offers its proprietary tax software, designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of tax preparation and filing for professionals. This software and the comprehensive training provided ensure that participants are well-equipped to excel in their practices.

For more information about the Tax Curative Institute and its educational offerings, including details on Dr. White’s books, please visit

Founded by Dr. Cozette M. White, the Tax Curative Institute stands at the forefront of tax education, preparing tax professionals to handle the complexities of the tax environment proficiently. The institute is committed to cultivating knowledgeable and ethical tax practitioners who are well-equipped to meet today’s financial challenges and opportunities.

For press inquiries, contact or 805-832-0104.

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