34-Year-Old Financial Advisor Launches Free Masterclass, Aims to Help One Million Black Families Break the Chains of Poverty

Tremaine Wills, an award-winning financial advisor and the founder of Mind Over Money, a Black-owned visionary financial advisory firm is rewriting financial narratives for families nationwide. She has launched a free live masterclass called "Multiple Streams of Income Done the Right Way" where she is teaching how to turn W2 income into passive income.

Tremaine has garnered recognition as an Excellence Awardee by Investment News, named a Top 100 Financial Advisor by Investopedia in both 2022 and 2023, and has shared insights on platforms such as Black Enterprise and the WSJ: Your Money Briefing podcast. With a mission to help one million families become millionaires, Mind Over Money is a beacon of hope and financial empowerment.

At the core of Mind Over Money's innovative financial strategies lies Tremaine's deeply held philosophy, a blend of personal experience and the timeless wisdom found in biblical teachings. This guiding principle from Zechariah 4:10, "Do not despise humble beginnings," serves as a constant reminder of the value of laying a strong foundation for financial growth. Her journey, marked by the practical application of these principles, underscores the belief that true wealth is built brick by brick, starting with the smallest of assets.

Her programs are built around the idea of giving money a purpose. They're designed to help people from all different backgrounds figure out their own paths to making their money do more. Tremaine's advice starts with appreciating the small beginnings, encouraging people to look ahead and plan for a future where financial success is a real thing, not just a dream. It's all about making smart moves with money, dreaming big, and seeing how all those smart choices add up over time.

For those who are ready to transform their financial destinies and break the chains of poverty, Mind Over Money extends an invitation to begin with a free 14-day trial in the Breakthrough Financial Coaching and Accountability Program. For a more advanced strategy, consider a free discovery call. Learn how Tremaine and her team can help.

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