Two Sisters Make History, From Food Truck to Restaurant in Under 15 Months

Jo Neishia Johnson and Kiara Simons

Food enthusiasts Jo Neishia Johnson and Kiara Simons, the founders of Two Sisters And a Deviled Crab, the latest Black-owned culinary sensation in Jacksonville, Florida, have proudly gone from having a food truck to now owning a restaurant in under 15 months. Even more, they've just celebrated their two-year anniversary in business. To commemorate this milestone, the restaurant offered complimentary champagne during brunch, provided photo opportunities, adorned the venue with celebratory decor, and unveiled new merchandise for sale.

Remarkably, within just 15 months, their passion for crafting delectable dishes led them to open a full-fledged restaurant in Orange Park Mall. What is the deviled crab you may ask? The sisters are originally from Tampa and the deviled crab is a staple in the community. As they moved to Jacksonville in their adult years, the two sisters decided to bring the taste they grew up with to their new city. From countless recipes, they were able to capture the nostalgic taste and the rest is history.

Jo Neishia expresses her gratitude to the community, stating, “I am humbly grateful for all of the people who continuously support Two Sisters and A Deviled Crab. Because of you, we are celebrating two successful years of being too bougie, in business! In this second year, we are placing a major focus on growth.” Her sister Kiara Simons adds "These first two years have by far exceeded our wildest dreams for our company. However, because of our rapid growth, we are now confidently planning to expand to our second location by 2025 and want to have a total of 5 locations within our first 5 years. I want to sincerely thank all of our current and future customers for their support."

Notably, Two Sisters And a Deviled Crab has already captured the attention of online audiences, with local influencers visiting to showcase and celebrate the restaurant's eclectic cuisine. The buzz surrounding the establishment is a testament to its unique offerings and commitment to delivering a memorable dining experience. The journey from a food truck to a bustling restaurant within 15 months is a testament to the dedication and passion of the Two Sisters And a Deviled Crab team. As the team looks ahead to the future, expansion plans are in full swing, with the anticipation of opening a second location by 2025.

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