Uncle, Two Nephews Launch Newest Black Family-Owned Film Production Company in the Midwest

Founders of Frameline Media Films

Meet John Ford, Brian Wilson, and their uncle, Terry Coleman, the founders of Frameline Media Films, a Black-owned film production and videography company located in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Not only can they shoot and produce documentary films, but they also offer the best and most affordable wedding photography and videography services in the midwest.

John and Brian primarily work as the videographers, and Uncle Terry works as the principal photographer. John, who is 34 years old, says that he is very passionate about filmmaking and loves telling stories through film. Brian, who is 27 says the same. He comments, "I’ve always had a love of filming from being a teenager making skits for YouTube to now making beautiful cinematic wedding films and more. I’ve taught myself how to film those movie shots I loved so much and put them in the videos I shoot now."

Uncle Terry comments, "It’s one thing to view the bride and groom through the lens of my 1st video cam (Canon XA20), but it’s another to see or hear them get excited about seeing themselves in pictures or video. This age-old art of creating media content is exciting and fascinating. No day is ever the same from the people we meet to the projects we complete."

Although based in the Cleveland, Ohio area, their family-owned business is available for film projects and weddings all over the midwest, the south, and the entire east coast. They always shoot in 4K with at least two cinematographers, and yes, they use drones.

For more details about their services, visit their official website at FramelineMediaFilms.com or follow them on Instagram @Frameline_Media

For press inquiries, contact info@framelinemediafilms.com or 216-302-7462

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