Meet the Entrepreneur Behind the Newest Black Woman-Owned Boxing and Fitness Gym Franchise

Kathy Davis

Kathy Davis, an entrepreneur who is now in her 50s, is the owner of a Brentwood, Tennessee-based Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise, a high-intensity fitness center experience developed by Floyd Mayweather himself. She launched in 2019 right before the pandemic began, but she was still able to dodge her way to success.

Growing up, Davis has always been active in multiple sports and physical activities. She worked as a group fitness instructor before running a personal training business for nearly 20 years. Over the years, Davis has tried bodybuilding, spin classes, marathons, and triathlons, but she loved boxing above all.

That's why when she and some friends saw an advertisement for the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise on social media, they thought it was a great opportunity to open one especially since the brand name already speaks for itself.

Davis launched the second Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise in 2019. However, just 4 months after its launch, the pandemic hit, and the business was faced with unforeseen challenges. Gyms are prohibited to operate to avoid the spread of COVID-19 then. But Davis said they managed to stay afloat by offering free virtual workouts. There was no income coming in at that time but they had to prioritize people's health and safety while still keeping them interested until they could finally open again.

Davis also emphasized the importance of listening to the client's feedback on the things that need improvement as a new franchisee. She said they had to make some tweaks to class programming and it was all for the better.

"The main point here is that nothing starts off perfect," Davis said in an interview with Entrepreneur. "Being at the front end of a franchise means you will endure trial and error, and you must be patient and nimble enough to endure. Overall, it's exciting to be a part of a journey like this."

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