Meet the Wife Whose Husband's Beard Inspired Her to Create an All-Natural Beard Care Line

Lydia Gibson, founder of Eva Jenae Naturals

Once Brandon Gibson retired from the Air Force in 2014, he knew he’d never shave his beard again. As a new member of the beard gang, he wanted products that would make his beard soft, promote healthy growth, and keep it smelling fresh. Brandon, however, didn’t need to look far because his wife, Lydia, also an Air Force veteran, immediately went to work testing recipes to meet her husband’s needs. She is now the founder and CEO of Eva Jenae Naturals, a Black-owned brand that specializes in creating vegan products to soothe skin and nourish hair.

The first product in the company's Grooming Collection was their beard oil, but their lineup has grown to eight products including their best-selling Beard Care Kit. The entire line is designed to condition and soften all types of beards as well as nourish the face.

Lydia began experimenting with natural ingredients as a means to soothe her daughter’s eczema in 2005 and officially launched Eva Jenae Naturals in 2011. She wanted to trust what she was putting on her family’s skin and felt the only way to do that was to create her own vegan recipes. Lydia is driven by the belief that nature provides all we need to achieve our healthiest skin and hair.

Eva Jenae Naturals is all about promoting healthy skin and hair with handcrafted, nourishing products. All the plant-based ingredients used have a specific purpose, are purchased from responsible suppliers, and are 100% natural and/or organic. No synthetic fragrances, petroleum, or parabens are used and none of the products are ever tested on animals. Lydia hopes to use her company as a platform to promote self-love, empowerment, and community involvement.

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