Black Fashion Designer Competing Directly with Nordstrom For Women’s Fashion

Dress designs from Tori's Look Boo

African American fashion designer Nancy Macharia is taking her company, Tori’s Look Book, to the next level with some lofty goals of gaining her fair share of the women’s fashion market. Based in Atlanta, her company focuses on being the go-to name when it comes to vacation wear, formal dresses that are stylish and multi-faceted and wide variety of day brunch dresses. Versatility is a staple at Tori Look Book as she prides herself on promoting fashion pieces that can be worn in a formal, professional or leisure setting.

Her company's rise to a prominent position in search engines like Google started trending as result of women increasingly discovering her brand when searching for brunch dresses to wear to while attending leisure events. Here online success continues as she is quietly climbing the ranks among the top brands of the fashion industry being propelled by her best-selling black lace cocktail dress. Her high-low skirt and curvy maxi dresses collections appeal to the masses as her pieces routinely pair an elegant/classy look with sex appeal.

The brand is now being showcased online and competing against household names such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, Shein, and Neiman Marcus. Her line of women’s clothing is modeled by gorgeous women from diverse cultural backgrounds by design so that women of all ethnicities are represented within her brand. Her website features women of all shapes and sizes and has clothing specifically designed for curvy, thick fit, and plus size figures.

All the inventory on Tori Look Book website is affordably priced between $50 - $100 and includes shoes, summer tees, and an assortment of handbags. Her products can be worn for many event types like:

- All White Parties
- Brunch Gathering
- Destination Weddings & Vacations
- Formal Events
- Birthday Parties

Nancy comments, “If you are going to aspire, why not aim to be at the top? We are on track to being a household name when it comes providing clothing for women of color. The retailers that we often support do not invest in our communities and are far removed from our initiatives. We are driving the narrative of black women supporting black fashion designers as the new fashion statement. We are excited about our rapid ascension to the top of the marketplace.”

To learn more about Tori Look Book and browse her collection of women’s clothes, visit the official website at

Also, follow the brand on Instagram and Facebook.

For press inquiries, contact (770) 765-6060 or

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