Black-Owned Rideshare Company, Go Girl Ride, Makes Transportation Safer For Women

Founders of Go Girl Ride

Trenelle Doyle, a woman entrepreneur from Portland, Oregon, is the founder of a Black-owned rideshare start-up called Go Girl Ride that aims to make transportation safer for women and others who identify themselves as LGBTQ.

Trenelle, who was a former rideshare driver, witnessed firsthand how female passengers would express their relief whenever she was their driver. She also personally heard experiences of her customers being harassed or assaulted by other drivers on the rides.

That's when Trenelle thought of creating a start-up where women, and anyone who self-identifies as a woman, feels safe to travel through ridesharing. With Go Girl Ride, she wanted to ensure there would be no more incidents of driver impersonation and sexual predators so each one who applies as a driver undergoes a background check and interview process.

Moreover, the company also sold safety kits equipped with non-lethal weapons that passengers could carry for protection. The earnings from the safety kits help fund the platform which started in Portland but will soon be expanding nationally and even globally.

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