Single Mom Opens First Black-Owned Winery in Charlotte

Camillya Masunda, an entrepreneur from Charlotte, North Carolina, has launched Ebony Wine & Spirits, the only Black-owned wine and spirits company in her hometown. Aside from making history, the single mother is also determined to build generational wealth for her daughter.

Camillya says that she has always loved wine and has long had the goal to help make the wine industry more diverse. According to Travel Noire, less than 1% of all wineries in the U.S. are owned by Black women.

"Just doing my research and understanding that we were the 1%, I felt like it was a call to arms about what you are you going to do about it," Masunda told Spectrum Local News.

Last year, she launched Ebony Wine & Spirits in Charlotte. The brand currently offers four varietals of white and red wines they developed as inspired by her family's Congolese roots. It is currently sold in stores across the southeast, with future launches coming in New York, Texas, and Florida.

Moreover, her daughter Lanayah, who is currently a high school senior, is also very much involved in the business. She serves as the brand's creative director and she and her mother are one in making sure to highlight Black excellence and Black luxury in the brand.

"Ebony Wine & Spirits is the celebration of culture," Camillya  said. "It's culture in a bottle."

For more information about her company, visit

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