27-Year Old Entrepreneur Creates First Luxury Sports Car Made in Nigeria

Jerry Issac Mallo, CEO of Bennie Technologies Ltd

Jerry Issac Mallo, a 27-year old Black engineer, entrepreneur, and CEO of Bennie Technologies Ltd., has made history as the manufacturer of the first-ever Nigerian-made fiber sports car now available in both Nigeria and West Africa.

Since he was 5-years old, Mallo says he always knew that he always wanted to work in the automotive industry. He would make toy cars out of garbage and he makes sure it will look the best. At the age of 18, he built his first life-size car also made out of recyclable materials.

Mallo went to the UK to study art at the University of Hertfordshire via a scholarship. He eventually decided to shift to engineering. When he found the opportunity to make cars, noting that Africa has rich resources and raw materials for doing such, he cut his studies short and went back to Nigeria to start manufacturing cars.

In 2019, Mallo caught several people's attention when he revealed the first luxury sports car he built called the Bennie Purrie. The car boasts of the safety feature of its materials, which are fibers that have the advantage of breaking like glass in case of a car crash, unlike aluminum or galvanized sheets that are typically used in car manufacturing.

The Bennie Purrie car is also made with four radiators, making its interior cool no matter the heat, and tubular chassis, making it strong enough to withstand rough roads. The first model of the car can travel from 0 to 120 miles per hour in 12 seconds and has a 2.0-liter engine that produces about 130 horsepower.

For more details, follow him on Instagram @BenieAgro

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