This Black-Owned Pizza Brand Can Now Be Shipped To Your Door

Founders of Slim and Husky's Pizza

Slim and Husky's Pizza, the first-ever Black-owned pizza and beer restaurant chain co-founded by 3 best friends in Tennessee, is now offering nationwide delivery. It is yet another milestone they have reached since launching just three years ago!The company has teamed up with a national shipping service called Gold Belly to make it happen, and the products offered for nationwide deliveries include everything from frozen pizzas to delicious cinnamon rolls.

Since launching in 2017, the pizza and beer restaurant chain, owned by best friends Clint Grat, EJ Reed, and Derrick Moore, has seen more and more success. Their customers just can't get enough of their tasty food and their cultural dining experience.

The restaurant chain has already opened several locations in Tennessee as well as in other states such as Georgia and California. But now, they are able to reach even more customers as they offer the option to have the pizza delivered to all 50 states.

For more information about Slim and Husky's Pizza and/or to order online, visit

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