29-Year Old Attorney Makes History With Online Community For Millennial Black Women Professionals

Liku Madoshi, founder of Tryb

Attorney Liku Madoshi, an African American female attorney from the Bay Area, is the founder of Tryb, an online community for like-minded Black women looking to engage, elevate and empower one another. She is celebrating one year with the launch of a private membership.Since September 2019, Tryb has curated events focused on building wealth and obtaining quality wellness based on the unique experiences of Black women.

“Black women don’t get enough attention in conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Instead, we are put in a melting pot with overinclusive groups like people of color, women of color or just women in general,” says Liku. “When this happens, our unique experiences, challenges, and needs are neglected, resulting in significant gaps in meaningful solutions.”

The membership will be monumental to enabling Black women to be resources to one another in their passions, professions, and pursuits. Membership perks include an invite to a members-only platform, free events, discounted signature events, exclusive offers, and a bank of resources by and for Black women. Members can expect a more robust experience with Tryb’s private membership platform which allows for constant networking, community building, mentorship, intimate conversations, and a variety of events centered on wealth and wellness.

With COVID-19 limiting the ability to gather, the timing of the membership is perfect. Members will be able to virtually connect with each other from anywhere in the world.

“Tryb serves as that comforting space after a challenging day at work, a resource for business or socializing and, most importantly, a place to simply unplug. We want to see Black women at their best, always. The platform is unapologetic about bringing our women together to build their careers, brands and obtain quality wealth and wellness. We know that being in a space with other people just like you is priceless,” says Madoshi.

To stay connected, follow the brand on Instagram @tryblyfe or visit TrybLyfe.com for more information.

For press inquiries, contact info@tryblyfe.com

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