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November 8, 2020

These Black-Owned Hair Care Products Changed the Life of a Memphis Woman After Cancer

Angela H. Brown, founder of D'Serv Professional Hair Care

Angela H. Brown, founder of a Black-owned brand called D’Serv Professional Hair Care, says that her products can help cancer patients regrow healthy hair after receiving chemo treatments. She comments, "We are not doctoring. We just want people to get what they D’Serv in hair care!"One of her customers, Beverly Johnson, a former cancer patient from Memphis, Tennessee, says that she found new hope thanks to the products.

Beverly says that she had a strong dislike for wigs, and wanted to try something different. So, after becoming cancer-free in 2016, she began using products from D’Serv Professional, and in just two weeks after months of touching a bald scalp, she could already feel new hair all over her head beginning to grow back again! Within 3 ½ months, Beverly had a cute natural cut, and even years later, she continues to use the products to keep her hair healthy.

According to a popular blog called Headcovers Unlimited, hair loss in Black women is incredibly common. A 2016 study on 5,594 African American women revealed that a staggering 47.6% have reported hair loss on the crown of their head or the top of the scalp. Often, they don’t seek treatment and leave their hair and scalp abandoned. Many things can lead to hair loss - illness, stress, various hairstyles, and other damaging practices.

Angela Brown, who has more than 38 years of experience as a hair care professional, comments, "Our company has a team of trusted educators behind our brand that really care about helping you understand how to regrow your hair back."

Learn more about her products at

For press inquiries, contact Angela H. Brown at or 877-833-5877, ext.2

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