29-Year Old Quits Full-Time Job to Self-Publish First Book and Relaunch Magazine

Preech, founder of Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine

Born in Pensacola, Florida and given the name Jordan Nichols at birth, this young entrepreneur has already established himself as a Submit Matter Expert and is now recognized as a Marketing and Branding Consultant. You may know him by his spiritual name, Yerodin Ghedi Adwin Beluchi or by his stage name, Preech.
After making a name for himself as a Spoken Word Artist in the south, he founded Black History Enterprises LLC while living in Atlanta, Georgia in 2017. His inspiration was to preserve and highlight the struggles and accomplishments of people of African descent while serving the greater community. Since officially taking on the life of an entrepreneur at the age of 20, Preech has found his niche as a writer, performer, and event organizer. He is most respected and regarded for his work as the Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine.

Publishing his first book

Released on August 3rd and titled, 100 Tools & Resources to Boost Your Brand, this book is full of valuable tools and resources for new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. Having read a number of business-related books himself, he’s now taking his own approach to a published guide for entrepreneurs.

Preech comments, “My book is written for all entrepreneurs alike, but it’s especially dedicated to those of us who they call 'Black'. So, with that in mind, I made sure that the book contained many different tools and resources that came from the great minds of darker-skinned people also. The book has categories ranging from Social Media Management, Email Marketing and CRM, Accounting and Payment Processing, and many more.”

What is Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine?

The History
Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine is geared toward content that gives business tips, tools and advice to entrepreneurs. Focusing on “African-American” people, it began as a blog on Tumblr in November 2013. From there it grew into a quarterly publication in July 2015. By November that same year, E.O.C. Mag was printing on a monthly basis.

By January 2019, there were over 30 issues published. However, the magazine eventually had to come to a halt in order to allow time for regrouping so that the staff could better prepare to meet the growing demand.

The Future
Currently, E.O.C. Mag does live interviews every first Sunday on Zoom. Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine will make its official return in October this year as a quarterly publication mostly available online. Featured on the cover is a young lady by the name of Keena Ferguson. If you don’t know Keena, you might know “Leslie Davenport” from Tyler Perry’s Sistas that airs on BET, who was a no-nonsense, tough private investigator. But, she’s more than just an Actress. She’s also an instructor.

Learn more at www.eocmagazine.biz

What's next for Preech?

He said, “I’m putting a lot more energy into coaching and consulting now. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I’ve learned from them and I feel I have a good eye for being able to spot setbacks and opportunities. Plus, I’m surrounded by other more experienced leaders and I want to be able to share my knowledge and experience with people so that they too can also feel empowered enough to quit their job if they feel compelled to.”

Not only is he publishing a book and relaunching his magazine, but Preech also has coaching and consulting services including a one-hour class on Social Marketing. Having recently relocated, he’s now looking for a new office space in either Houston or Dallas, Texas for 2021.

Learn more at BookWithPreech.com

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