Media Personality Partners With Black-Owned Marketing Firm to Launch Online Business Directory

Cynthia Austin, co-founder of Biz Post It

Biz Post It, the newly launched online small business directory committed to providing affordable advertising to small businesses, announced it’s partnership with Nicholes E Marketing. The online marketing service will assist Biz Post It with sales and customer support management.
Cynthia Austin and Jennifer Epps, both founders of Biz Post It, were thrilled when Jennifer proposed the idea of having an online business directory that actively markets and promotes small businesses.

Cynthia shares, “I was thrilled when Jennifer with Nicholes E Marketing approached me with the idea of the two companies collaborating. We have a shared vision of assisting small businesses with gaining more exposure for their products and services by providing an active online directory. With Biz Post It, our clients can list their business in our directory and enjoy the benefits of the services we provide to drive traffic to the directory and their listing. What makes us an active online directory is that we do more than just list a business; we promote companies by providing an information and services system. We harness the power of videos, ad campaigns, and social media. Our system is easy. No complicated language.”

Cynthia is no stranger to the business of communications. She co-founded Austico Telecommunications (Local Telephone Service) when the Public Utilities Commission of Texas deregulated the telephone industry in the 1990s. She executive produced and hosted The Cynthia Austin Television Show, which was broadcast in Dallas, Fort Worth, North Texas, Las Vegas, and online. She has also worked at the number one country music radio station in America on air. She brings her experience in business and broadcasting to the directory.

Jennifer has many years of experience in managing and marketing brick and mortar as well as online businesses.

Biz Post It also has a podcast which will be hosted by Cynthia, and will feature a variety of topics and perspectives that can be concerning to the small business owner as it relates to support and lifestyle.

Jennifer with Nicholes E-Marketing said, “I have always wanted to work with Cynthia. When I approached her, we both knew how important it was to connect with someone who has a drive and strong desire to help others. We both wanted to partner with someone who is creative in their approach to doing things. We knew collaborating the two businesses and working together would be the perfect fit. The two of us together have the experience we need to help make it happen.”

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