Founders of Black-Owned Financial Literacy Company Celebrate Two Years in Business

Now offering new financial awareness and wellness tools for members

Julius Cartwright and Renee Wilson, founders of Equity Movement Enterprises

Equity Movement Enterprises (EME) announces its 2nd anniversary as a consumer-based membership organization designed and created to engage, educate, empower and successfully direct consumers of all nationalities in their pursuit of economic prosperity.
EME’s goal is to be the premier economic and educational catalyst designed as the Uber of financial awareness and the Amazon of financial wellness teaching individuals about the benefits of building a strong ‘net worth’ by systematically working through a series of EME Challenges that measures their attainment of prosperity, financial stability, generational wealth and ownership of appreciating assets.

Founder Julius Cartwright explains, “In light of recent events in America, particularly for Black America, the Equity Movement has taken a hard look at the decades of systemic financial disparity. People of color often have larger barriers to financial wellness under normal circumstances; and this is exacerbated in times of unrest, social justice challenges, and medical crises. We are committed to ensuring our programming addresses these disparities and includes a diverse, equitable, and inclusive strategy to level the playing field for all.”

EME’s strategy in accomplishing this feat is to heighten financial awareness and wellness by promoting the critical importance and benefits of being financially healthy. The EME portal features 14 categories with Resources that will allow consumers to find value at every stage of their respective life cycle financially: Credit, Budgeting, Savings, Retirement, CryptoCurrency, Stock Options, College Savings & College Debt Reduction, Insurance, Homeownership, Real Estate Investment, Investment Clubs, Business Development, Evolving Entrepreneurs and Women Acquiring Assets.

The EME’s collaborative partnership with Women’s Inflection Point (WIP), a women-focused 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization hosts two virtual platforms: the Women Acquiring Assets Podcast and Equity eLearning System. “True financial wellness, along with physical, social and mental wellness are critical in assisting women in building nest eggs that can be leveraged into investments like a home, an investment property, or a business and passed onto future generations. Partnering with EME allows women in our movement to have access to so many great resources,” states C. Renee Wison, Founder of WIP.

Through the Equity Movement Magazine with a digital reach of 168,000 and TV/YouTube Channel with 7 million viewers, EME caters to all demographics. Learn more and join with a free membership here.

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