11-Year Old Launches Black-Owned Auto Detailing Service

Jabre Dutton, founder of Jabre's Car Cleaning Service

Jabre Dutton from Philadelphia is only 11-years old but he already owns and manages his own business cleaning and detailing cars. His company, Jabre's Car Cleaning Service, is getting rave reviews and positive feedback from his clients.
It all started when Jabre cleaned and vacuumed the car of a family friend who was impressed with the outcome. He earned $20 then and his mother, Sabrina Dutton, suggested that he could turn it into a business. Her co-worker helped them create flyers and Jabre eventually booked clients.

Now, Jabre's services are almost booked every day. His mother helps drive him to his appointments. Jabre personally does the interior cleaning which includes disinfecting, trash disposal, dusting, and vacuuming.

"My favorite part about doing this job is getting my customers' reactions out of it," Jabre told Germantown Infohub. "When it's done, when you look at it, they look so happy. I get really excited because they're excited."

Like a normal teenager, Jabre enjoys playing computer games and watching TV. But he also likes managing his own savings account. His mother taught him at an early age the importance of financial literacy and saving up for the future. He also plans to buy his own iPhone from the savings he got from his business.

"I never had an iPhone and I've always wanted a phone," Jabre said. "But when my mom taught me about financial savings I was like, I should be really considerate about our money. So the money that I keep is going to be raised for that iPhone and the money in my savings before anything else."

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