Black-Owned Mobile App, Kiddie Kredit, Creates Early Stage Investing Access For the Everyday Investor

Evan Leaphart, founder of Kiddie Kredit

Kiddie Kredit has entered the next phase of venture capital fundraising by offering investment opportunities for as little as $100. With more than 100 individual investors already committed to funding the expansion of Kiddie Kredit, the founders aim to create access to economic equality. The funds secured from investors will be used to support research and development, future wages, general marketing, general working capital, and intermediary fees.
Founder Evan Leaphart proclaims, “Most people never receive an opportunity to get in on the ground floor in tech. Early-stage investing is one way to create and build generational wealth. As a Black tech founder who champions financial literacy, especially around credit, it was important for us to offer an opportunity for all investors to participate.”

The new investment round will enable Kiddie Kredit to grow exponentially, thus allowing them to reach and teach more children about the importance of financial education. Kiddie Kredit hopes to address financial illiteracy by instilling sound credit understanding in children through a fun and engaging mobile app. For this reason, technologically enhanced product innovation is a key area of focus for Kiddie Kredit. Over the next 12 months, increased funding will enable the launch of a 2.0 version of the mobile app, secure financial institution partnerships, launch a COPPA-compliant ad platform, develop a banking product recommendation engine, and procure in-app marketplace partnerships.

In conjunction with the venture capital campaign, Kiddie Kredit’s recently procured partnership with the Equifax Foundation will further contribute to the company’s market growth, product diversification, and technological development. Potential investors can receive more information and reserve shares at

About Kiddie Kredit:
Kiddie Kredit’s mission is to leverage technology to educate and empower future generations. Kiddie Kredit is driven to empower families through credit education. Healthy credit fuels power, freedom, and access. The app instills healthy credit habits by rewarding activity completion with a scoring system that simulates FICO. Learn more and download the app at

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