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July 18, 2020

Black Founder Launches Online Academy to Help Leaders Find Their Niche, Soar in Their Career Journey

Sofia Casey, founder of Ease & Flow Leadership Academy

In the midst of the onset of a global pandemic, learning as many people know it has shifted. Launched on Juneteenth this year, the Ease & Flow Leadership Academy (EFLA) is spearheading the charge to continue to develop quality leaders online in the midst of COVID-19 and beyond. Founded by certified coach, authorpreneur, and corporate trainer Sophia Casey, EFLA not only helps leaders find their niche and jumpstart their career path—but it positions them on the road to dream fulfillment in record time.
From administrative skills, human resources and personal development, to sales and marketing, this online learning portal of courses covers numerous subjects that will catapult leaders to the next level—no matter what level they are currently on — 24/7, 365 days a year. With a unique mixture of both prerecorded and live course offerings, the key distinction of EFLA is that it allows organizations to create customized courses targeted toward their specific employee population.

In addition, EFLA also allows for strategic cross-collaboration for trainers and coaches by allowing them to add their signature courses to the platform—allowing for the potential exposure to over 18,000 online students. With most of the EFLA trainers being certified coaches themselves, they are more effective and efficient at overcoming many roadblocks that keep students from maximizing their potential.

Rolled out in a signature phased approach, EFLA has something for everyone—from the general American public and small businesses to large organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

To jumpstart your career or for more information, visit or call 301-437-3482.

About the Founder

Many people offer solutions; few deliver results. As a certified coach, authorpreneur, and corporate trainer for several leaders, Sophia Casey does so much more than support individual and corporate clients with problem-solving. She helps leaders of all caliber get transformative results that literally catapult their businesses and organizations to the next level. Having served as Director of First Impressions for a task force for the former Vice President of the United States, her innate ability for excellence, execution, and acceleration allows her to meet individuals right where they are - then help them soar! Featured in SUCCESS magazine, on Fox News and SiriusXM radio, for more than 30 years, Sophia has served as an agent of change for followers around the world.

For press inquiries, contact 301-437-3482 or